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I saw five movies (Hillbilly Elegy, Let Him Go, Buddy Games, Happiest Season, Uncle Frank)

2020.11.26 14:14 OldmanRevived I saw five movies (Hillbilly Elegy, Let Him Go, Buddy Games, Happiest Season, Uncle Frank)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
First up was Hillbilly Elegy
When it was published in 2016, J.D. Vance's memoir "Hillbilly Elegy," unread by me, was slammed by many for indulging in the same hackneyed stereotypes about rural America that it was theoretically designed to deflate, and for reducing the impact of social, political and economic factors in order to favor a more inspirational narrative of triumphing. In this story, a young man, attending Yale Law School, returns to his hometown in Ohio to help his mother, who recently overdosed on heroin. While that story plays, the man's past, as well as flashes from a more distant past, reveals itself, showing us what it was like for him as a child, living amidst economic uncertainty and various unaddressed conflicts within his family.
Indeed, there are at least a few broader stories in the background of Vance's personal account. One of them is what happened to the family's native spot in the Appalachia region of Kentucky, once prospering with the jobs and industry of a local steel mill but later, by the time he is aware of it, filled with boarded-up storefronts, as people linger on streets, sidewalks, and parking lots with nothing to do. This juxtaposes the family's return home with their initial migration to Ohio. The mill was running back then, when J.D.'s grandparents packed up the car and moved.
The other broader tale belongs to the family, beyond adult J.D. (Gabriel Basso) and his younger self (played by Owen Asztalos). In the present, J.D. is looking for an internship at a law firm that will keep him close to his girlfriend Usha (Freida Pinto). While dining with prospective law partners, he receives a call from his sister Lindsay (Haley Bennett), who inform him that their mother Bev (Amy Adams) overdosed. He returns home and tries to arrange a place for Bev in a rehab facility, all while he has a job interview the next morning.
In the past, J.D. had to deal with the mercurial moods of his mother, while seeking support and attention from his grandmother, affectionately called Mamaw (Glenn Close). We see the start and decline of Bev's addiction; she's a parasite, an addict, a narcissist, and a desperate user of others, notably her own family. J.D. foots the bill for a week-long stay on four credit cards, only to learn that Bev has no interest in going into rehab. As a former nurse who trashed her career when she roller-skated through the corridors of a hospital after popping pills, she's been shooting heroin, and she seems to be going down fast.
How did J.D. go all the way from Middletown to Yale? We're not entirely sure, though we know that he got there, so there’s not much suspense about whether he figured out how to transcend his past. The film keeps flashing back to his days as a teenager in the late 1990s. J.D., it's suggested, gets lost because his mother flees from one man to the next. When she marries on a whim, he winds up with a druggie delinquent stepbrother. A scene or two later, he has fallen into delinquency himself, a transformation that is less than convincing.
The movie's tone, guided by J.D.'s narration, veers between romanticizing certain elements of this downhome culture, a scolding attitude toward certain issues and a dismissive outlook on others, and just wallowing in the abject misery of this place and these people. It's all over the place, really, although there's one position upon which the movie never genuinely stops: compassion. Director Ron Howard works in the tradition of Colorful People who relentlessly inflict their colorfulness on us as if we could not see in the first six minutes that they were afflicted.
Give some credit to Glenn Close, who spends most of the movie with a cigarette in her mouth, wisecracking to everything that stands in her way. She acts as a person who is tired of being colorful, and even more tired of having a colorful family. What's best about the movie are the actors' human qualities. Amy Adams has a direct, blunt honesty that is appealing, and it's put to a good effect here. Both Asztalos and Basso have a dry way of sardonically holding their distance, but there you have the role of most narrators, anyway.
If I spent a lot of time performing a census of the cast, it is because the movie seems to rotate among its characters as if taking inventory. Nothing happens in "Hillbilly Elegy" that I cared much about. The movie leaves me with such vivid memories of its times and places, its feelings and weathers, and yet leaves me so completely indifferent to its plot. It presents the cycles of addiction and abuse, not with any insight or thoughtfulness, but with a sense of inescapable fate. From this perspective, these characters are essentially condemned to these lives for reasons beyond the movie's ability or willingness to confront.
"Hillbilly Elegy" hinges on Mamaw's hope that she'll leave her family better off than she found them, and it’s clear that J.D.'s story has fulfilled that wish almost as soon as this movie starts. But the process of watching him cut his losses and recommit to his own success is rendered in a way that just isn't dramatically satisfying. Everyone else's lives and problems really don't matter to this story, except that they give J.D. a few lessons to learn and a whole lot to run from. This is a movie that's surprisingly good in areas where it doesn't need to be good at all, and pretty awful in areas where it has to succeed.

Next up was Let Him Go
The opening images of "Let Him Go" include Kevin Costner standing behind a fence and watching as a horse jogs around in the pasture. He spends a lot of time standing alone, doing nothing, maybe thinking nothing, observing as if it is a task that provides him with purpose. He's not bitter or depressed or anything of the sort. He's simply content. This is just another relaxing start to his day.
George (Costner) and Margaret (Diane Lane) have been married for decades. Living on a ranch in Montana, the two are finally and completely happy when we first meet them. Their house evokes the healing serenity of wide-open spaces, overlooking fields that are perfect for horseback riding. They have an adult son, James (Ryan Bruce), who has married and given the two their first grandchild. All of them live under the same roof. When George and Margaret are sitting at the table eating breakfast, they look so comfortable with each other that they make us feel cozy.
Suddenly, tragedy strikes when James dies in an accident, and their insular, peaceful world is understandably shattered. A few years later, his wife Lorna (Kayli Carter) marries Donnie Weboy (Will Brittain), but it’s obvious from their dour ceremony that this is a union of necessity. While in town one day, Margaret sees Donnie abuse Lorna, as well as her grandson Jimmy. She tells George, and they go to the apartment where Lorna and Donnie live, hoping to take custody of the boy. Instead, they find that Donnie has abruptly packed them up and moved to parts unknown.
Margaret refuses to accept the situation, planning a road trip across state lines to retrieve Jimmy and raise him. George is reluctant, but she eventually convinces him. After packing his suitcase, George wanders out of the room without it. Margaret thinks he has changed his mind, but he explains he's just turning off the water. "I'm not coming home to busted pipes," he says. They pack up the station wagon for a road trip to begin the process of tracking down Donnie. She even packs George's old service revolver, just in case.
They travel from Montana to North Dakota, making a few stops along the way for information or to rest. George's connections as a retired lawman, vaguely famous in the region, help. They meet Peter, played by Booboo Stewart, a young Native American man living off a stolen horse, but not looking for any loot to steal. George and Margaret reminisce and occasionally bicker, but the two mostly share comfortable silences that say everything.
On a plot level, that ramps up the tension as George and Margaret encounter various members of Donnie's family (Jeffrey Donovan plays a false-smiling uncle, and Lesley Manville shows up as the tough, authoritative matriarch), leading to an unstoppable series of threats and violence. There’s a third act that's so wildly out of left field, it could have shifted the tone completely. But somehow, it works, because the movie never made me lose interest in its central characters. There's still a reticence, an unwillingness to push the violence beyond where it wants to go
Faithful readers will know that I have a certain fondness for movies with villains who are so despicable and repugnant that we cheer when we see something horrible happen to them. "Let Him Go" does not disappoint in this regard, although it does cost us something extra in the process. I still have yet to decide if the movie's ending is a particularly good one. As silly as it sounds, I really came to enjoy the company of George and Margaret, and I couldn't bear to see anything nasty happen to such good people. Oh well. Maybe it's another example of how sometimes we just have to face reality.
Many of the reviews of the film have criticized it on the basis of its plot and its tonal shift. I like it because of the time I got to spend with the characters as they dealt with family matters over a period of days. It was intrinsically interesting, not because of what it was about, but simply because of what it was. I think perhaps "Let Him Go" is gently trying to be a movie about imperfect but interesting people, the goodness of whose souls is tested by a private crisis. No great lessons are learned, no great statements made, but by the end of the film we have spent some interesting time with these people, and know them better.

Next up was Buddy Games
Although I am aware sperm is a precious bodily fluid, I don't find it an especially funny one. In "Buddy Games," the male characters are neurotic about three subjects: the size, experience, and health of their reproductive organs. This movie is like a study of de-evolution and man's ability to cheat natural selection. It's full of material that would be rejected from most third-grade recess periods for lacking wit and dignity.
Josh Duhamel, an actor who projects likability, makes his directorial debut with this comedy, which he also co-wrote and stars in. Looking at the film's press notes, he informs us that he always wanted to direct, and that writing a screenplay seemed like the natural way to start. He was close. Writing a bad screenplay is a natural way to start. There's no excuse in making the decision to film it. What he has made is yet another hymn to arrested male adolescence that should be mandatory viewing in convents to prevent nuns from thinking of renouncing their vows of celibacy.
Duhamel plays Bob, a successful businessman who has created the Buddy Games, an annual competition in which him and his friends strive to beat each other in a variety of contests. Indulging their "primal need to dominate," the guys usually aim for a lame trophy and, more importantly, bragging rights. The other members are Durfy (Dax Shepard), Doc (Kevin Dillon), Bender (Nick Swardson), Zane (James Roday). At the beginning of the movie, Sheldon (Dan Bakkedahl), the most avid competitor, is having a glorious time, until someone shoots him in the testicles with a paint gun.
Cut to five years later: Sheldon has been in a funk ever since, having lost both precious orbs of manhood. Bob, meanwhile, has a beautiful girlfriend (Olivia Munn), and he's also quite rich, which enables him to restart the Buddy Games at the behest of Sheldon's mother, who thinks it's the only way to lift her son out of his suicidal depression. When the other members prove reluctant to go along, Bob throws in a $150,000 prize as an enticement.
But Sheldon will only come back if Bender, the guy who shot him, will be excluded. To dissuade Bender from joining in, Bob tells him that there's a substantial entry fee. To his surprise, Bender successfully raises money by prostituting himself and selling vodka in his mini-van. Eventually, the group reunites for a new round of games, which include such not so hilarious exercises as attaching steaks to their heads and confronting a giant lizard. The most extended segment involves the men ingesting laxatives at a crowded bar and trying to persuade women to buy them a drink before the drugs take effect. It's no spoiler to reveal that not all of them succeed.
These guys seem to have it out for each other. Sure, a couple of them talk about how the game has kept them together all these years, long after one would imagine childhood friends would go their separate ways. To what end does it keep them together, though? The movie wants us to simultaneously view these characters as representations of middle-aged vulnerability and sometimes as literal punching bags, constantly to be beaten, smashed, and pulverized. There's something wrong with these people, and the simple fact of the matter is that watching them satisfy their masochistic tendencies isn't fun or funny.
There is a kind of one-upmanship now at work in Hollywood, inspired by the success of several gross-out comedies, to elevate smut into an art form. This is not an entirely futile endeavor; it can be done, and when it is done well, it can be funny. There's a scene in this movie where Bender also tries to appease his guilt by offering Sheldon a refrigerated humidor full of his own semen. Later, when Sheldon is in the kitchen making Pina Coladas, he grabs the semen and mixes it in. Yuck. Millions of little soldiers being massacred for a laugh.
For a fleeting moment, the film stops trying to break the Guinness Book record for offensive crudity and decides to simply be funny. The best part of "Buddy Games," and really the best part of any bad movie, is Olivia Munn. When Bob tells her about his plan to start the games again, she doesn't waste any time ditching him. Then, at the end, she rushes over to Bob in hopes that the games are finally over and they can start a life together. She pulls out the little black box, and shows him a ring. What does he do? He rejects it. At this point, it was clear that none of the idiots in "Buddy Games" are worth saving. I don't know about you, but if Olivia Munn walked up to me and handed over an engagement ring, I would take my chances.

Next up was Happiest Season
There is an emerging genre of movies about family reunions at holiday time. It seems to be a truth universally acknowledged that most reunions at Christmas end happily, while most reunions at Thanksgiving end sadly. That's odd, because the way things shake down in the world of fragmented families, we tend to spend Thanksgiving with those we choose, and Christmas with those we must. If those two lists are identical in your life, your holidays must all be joyous, or all not.
Perhaps what drives audiences to films like "Happiest Season" is that certain sense of empathy. The people onscreen may or may not look like us, but we can find some relatability and understanding in their comic foibles and tragic events. The simplest situations conceal hidden traps, and by the time the story arrives at its more serious point, we fully buy into it, because these characters have so endeared themselves to us through the comedy. It's funny in an innocent screwball kind of way.
The basic setup involves Abby (Kristen Stewart) and Harper (Mackenzie Davis), who have been dating for about a year as Christmas approaches. Abby isn't into the holiday season. Her parents, who really were into it, died when she was 19, as Harper loves to point out in expository dialogue. Being a fan of the season, she wants the woman she loves to have that sensation of Christmas joy again. So, she drunkenly invites Abby home for Christmas to meet her family. Regretting the move in the cold light of day, she waits until the car ride to reveal that she isn't actually out to her family.
Harper asks Abby to keep their relationship a secret while they're at the house, with the promise that she'll finally be honest with her family once the holidays are finished. Abby agrees, although it certainly ruins her plans to propose to Harper on Christmas morning. She meets Harper's parents Tipper (Mary Steenburgen), who's more than a bit of a controlling presence in the house, and Ted (Victor Garber), a local city council member who's running for mayor on a platform of some pretty conservative platitudes. Harper's older sister is Jane (Mary Holland), an odd one who always seems to be vying for attention. The eldest sibling is Sloane (Alison Brie), formerly a successful lawyer who quit to raise her children and make custom gift baskets.
From there, the film becomes a full-on farce, complete with eccentric characters, plenty of misunderstandings, and even some close-call gags involving doors and bedroom escapades. It's everything we expect from such material. Most of the action takes place in the house, and whatever happens will have to happen before everybody heads back to the airport. That creates an artificial deadline that makes everything seem more urgent and requires that the truth be told or love declared right here and now, or not at all.
The film is warm-hearted, funny, and involving. Stewart and Davis are well-cast. But it's not completely successful; I have an idea that writer-director Clea DuVall didn't know how to end it, and so she orchestrates a final scene at a gas station that owes more to screwball comedy than to the truth of the story. Some of the characters are broader than the material requires, but one of them, Abby's gay friend John (Dan Levy), is a wonderful comic creation, and there are some scenes of him just answering the phone that are inexplicably hilarious.
Look, a great movie this is not. A pleasant holiday entertainment it is. The generosity of the film is in how DuVall presents these characters without judgment and with considerable sympathy. Harper is in love with Abby; that's not in doubt. But she is slow to understand the depth and complexity of Abby's fabrications. She's sweet, and naive, but not the brightest bulb on the tree. What defines her for the family is not the fact that she's gay, but her own concealed romanticism. By the end, we understand that although life may not give us too much, it often gives enough.

And the last one was Uncle Frank
"Uncle Frank" presents material that cries out to be handled with quiet empathy and hammers us with it. I understand what the film is trying to do, but not why it does it with such crude melodrama. The tone is all wrong for a story of homosexuality; the conclusion of which is not necessarily false, but it does feel a bit dishonest in its simplicity. When you lay it on too thick, the audience is distracted by implausibility rather than identifying with the characters.
The movie begins in 1969 with 14 year old Beth (Sophia Lillis) dreaming of someday escaping the backwater South Carolina town where she lives with her family and seeing the world. She is encouraged in this by her Uncle Frank (Paul Bettany), who did just that; he now teaches at NYU. Frank's rare returns home are marked by the obvious coldness that his father (Stephen Root) demonstrates towards him for absolutely no evident reason. Four years later, driven by Frank's encouragement, Beth is now attending NYU, and it takes only one surprise appearance at a party at Frank's apartment to discover that he is gay and living with his lover of ten years.
Wally (Peter Macdissi) is Frank's committed partner. Just as Beth is figuring out how to react to this information, the phone rings in Frank's apartment. Daddy Mac has died. It's time for Beth, Frank, and Wally to take a road trip, back to South Carolina for the funeral. That's when the perspective changes to Frank, whose cheerful mood drops upon realizing he has to return home and further declines when Beth starts asking about his romantic past. Through flashbacks, we see what has long haunted the uncle, as a teenaged Frank (played by Cole Doman) experiences his first relationship with a young man.
As you might guess, it ended tragically, and as the memories form more clearly, we understand why Mac's death, which Frank confesses to imagining so often, has brought up not relief, but only so much hidden pain. Frank wallows in self-pity and, upon arriving in his hometown, travel-sized bottles of booze. Bettany plays Frank's overt charms and silent despair with equal degrees of effectiveness, although his internalized performance is let down by director Alan Ball in the third act, when the character lets out all of that built-up pressure in drunken arguments and tearful confessionals.
The movie denies Frank of his big moment for a confirmation of Mac's deplorable nature. Instead, we're given an informative glance at the dynamics and conflicts within the extended family. Mac's wife Mammaw (Margo Martindale) is sweet and kind. Beth's father Mike (Steve Zahn) is verbally abusive toward his wife Kitty (Judy Greer) and anyone whose behavior seems out of line. The sister, Neva (Jane McNeill) is mostly quiet, which becomes odd later, when she becomes a vital figure in Frank's constant debate between keeping his secret and finally being honest with his family.
As for Frank, he stays out of the way, quietly reading on the porch as he lights up cigarettes. Lillis' promise as a young actor continues, but Beth is something of a stock audience stand-in device. Either Frank has been incredibly subtle over the years, or she can't see anything in front of her if it's more than an inch away. "I've never met a gay person before," says Beth. Oh, but she has. Frank also points out that the choir director at the First Baptist Church was also a homosexual. "But he’s so religious!" she exclaims.
"Uncle Frank" is a film that starts with promise; I liked the early dynamic between Lillis and Bettany. But it succumbs to so many clichés that anything remotely genuine gets smothered. It's a deeply frustrating movie as Ball has assembled a cast who can undeniably do deep work and then gives nothing but a shallow script. He seems merely thrashing about in a plot too transgressive for his skills. The movie looks upon his process with such skepticism that the movie doesn't even bother an attempt to explain it.
The story becomes less about the man's attempt to come to terms with those feelings and more about waiting to see what will happen. Each of the family members have at least one scene in which they can be honest with Frank, and the movie's final scene, in which they finally say what has needed to be said for a long time, is quite affecting. It's far too long of a wait for such specificity, though. "Uncle Frank" operates primarily as a message movie, and as necessary as that message might be, the movie's lack of a unique and personal approach to the material means that it's not a necessary part of the conversation.
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2020.11.18 15:59 usagispetrabbit Are there any gif using roleplayers here? ( Discord rp cliche master post)

Are there any people out there who like to use gifs for their roleplays? I come from the magical (trash) land of tumblr and though it hasn’t been too long, I really miss the visual that comes with using gifs in roleplays and couldn’t help but wonder if anyone on here liked using them too. This post makes me sound mean (in my head) but hear me out maybe?
About me:
I’m 32, lit/advanced lit. English is my first language. I generally write 4-6 paragraphs on average (2000+ words) and I am a really big fan of being descriptive. I have been roleplaying for 10 years (or so) now and writing a bit longer so I consider myself good at it. I really love layered plots with angst and fluff and drama and action as variety is the spice of life. I have played considerably more males than females in that time and as a female I would generally like to get a chance to play them a bit more, so this is a post for f/m plots with me playing the female. Please don’t message me and ask if I will play the male for you instead. I find it a little rude to disregard my request and frankly am playing a great deal of men already.
PLOT IDEAS ( please note that these are all intended to be ship/romantic plots)
Popstar x Bodyguard
Rockstar x groupie
Modern day Bonnie and Clyde
Caregiver and patient
Hitman who falls for target
Single father x nanny
The handsome guy across the hall ( apartment sol)
Werewolf x Human
New (detective) partners
Bad boy x good girl
Bad girl x good boy
Older woman x younger man
Older man x younger woman
The bad boy next door
Mrs. & Mrs. Smith
Rich guy who gets every girl meets the one girl who isn't into him and now is determined to make her fall for him
Olivia Taylor Dudley, Diana Silvers, Melissa O'neil, Gillian Anderson, Phoebe Tonkin, Tessa Thompson, Levy Tran, Fola Evans Akingbola, Yvonne Strahovski,Emeraude Toubia, Deborah Ann Woll, Olivia Munn, Kat Dennings, Julia Fox, Hayley Atwell, Chloe Bridges, Adrianne Palicki, Kylie Bunbury,Sarah Gadon, Alice Pagani, Anna Silk,Ksenia Solo, Diamond White, Elizabeth Debicki, Gemma Chan,
Chris Evans, Derek Theler, Tom Holland, Jason Momoa, Henry Cavill, Tom Ellis, Tom Hiddleston, Dylan Sprayberry, Timothee Chalamet, David Castañeda,Casey Deidrick,Nick Bateman,Tom Hardy,Shazad Latif, Hugh Jackman,Jesse Lee Soffer,Joe Manganiello,Steven R. McQueen,Louis Garrel,Charlie Hunnam,Jacob Elordi, François Arnaud,Sebastian Stan, Alex Roe, Theo James,Aaron Tveit,Thomas Doherty, Michele Morrone, Cody Christian, Grant Gustin, Justin Hartley, Oscar Isaac
This post is long enough and I doubt anyone will go for it, but if you are (by some miracle), please message me with the plot that interested you (or one you create on your own!) and the face claim you’d like to play and we can go from there. Thanks for indulging my trash post if you made it to this point. I hope you’re having a great week and that good things come your way. Stay safe and I hope to hear from you!
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2020.07.05 20:18 LearningIsListening A not-so-brief rundown of letters D-F in Jeffrey Epstein's 'Little Black Book'

Below is a rundown of letters D-F of Epstein's contacts. Last year, I wrote about letters A-C. You can check that out here (https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/cpis3n/a_brief_rundown_of_the_first_ten_pages_of_jeffrey/). There are some misspelled names. Epstein entered their names like this.
I have bolded some of the more interesting connections and information, but there could be much more that I overlooked. I hope something here strikes an interest in someone and maybe we can get more investigations out of this. Please, if you know anything more about any of these people than what is presented here, post below. I am working off of the unredacted black book found here: https://www.coreysdigs.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Jeffrey-Epsteins-Little-Black-Book-unredacted.pdf
d’abo, Henri & Tatiana: John Henry Erland d’Abo is the grandson of the 9th Duke of Rutland (more info on what these titles all mean can be found here: https://www.debretts.com/expertise/essential-guide-to-the-peerage/what-is-the-peerage/). Tatjana is his wife. Henry is the chairman of Wilton Payments Ltd, a private company that helps with financial intermediation. He and Christopher O’Neill are the primary shareholders of the company. O’Neill is Tatjana’s half-brother, a British-American financier, and husband to Princess Madeleine, Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland, a daughter of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.
d’abo, Mrs. Jennifer: British entrepreneur who passed away in 2003. d’Abo was once married to Peter Cadbury from the family of the famous chocolate company. Peter did not work for the company, but he and Jennifer d’Abo had a son together. Their son, Joel Cadbury, became owner of the Groucho Club, a watering hole often frequented by famous people. Three years after Cadbury sold the club, their website became the center of a child pornography scandal (link to story: https://www.sott.net/article/242698-Groucho-Clubs-website-forum-hit-by-child-pornography-scandal)
D’Alessie, Carman: This name turned up no results, however, we can safely assume that this is actually Carmen D’Alessio, the international nightlife guru who helped spawn Studio 54 and other famous clubs. She is a party legend with countless celebrity ties.
d’Arenberg, Prince Pierre: Family lineage can be traced back 1000 years. European royalty. Extremely wealthy not because of his ties to nobility, but because his mother, Margaret Bedford, was an heiress to Standard Oil (Exxon).
d’Uzes, Jacques De crussol: The 17th Duke of Uzes. Not much else found on him. Margaret Bedford married into his family shortly after her divorce with Prince Charles Auguste Armand d’Arenberg, father of Prince Pierre d’Arenberg.
Dabbagh, Amr A.: A wealthy businessman/investor from Saudi Arabia. Dabbagh recently faced corruption charges but settled with the Saudi Arabian government. Has ties all around the world, as he is a member of and/or serves/served on the boards of the World Economic Forum, London Business School, Cleveland Clinic, Jeddah Economic Forum, Harvard Institute for Social and Economic Policy in the Middle East, etc.
Dahl, Sophie: ‘90s-’00s model-turned-author and maternal granddaughter of famous author Roald Dahl (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, etc.) Dahl has been seen in photos with Ghislaine Maxwell.
Darrin, Drake: Not much information found. Darrin runs an investment group out of Greenwich, Connecticut. Lived about a mile away from Epstein in NYC.
Dartmouth, William: The 10th Earl of Dartmouth. Member of the European Parliament from 2009-2019. Became a stepbrother of Princess Diana when his mother embarked on a 2nd marriage with Diana’s father, John Spencer.
Davies, Jeff: Most likely refers to the current CFO for Legal & General Group. Davies was once a senior partner at Ernst & Young.
Davies, David & Linda: Sir David Davies is a wealthy banker and businessman with deep connections. A family friend introduced him to David Rockefeller back in the ‘60s, which helped him get his start. Linda, daughter of a Chinese-Malaysian tycoon, is his second wife. They were married for over 20 years but are now divorced.
Davis, Michael: A current partner at N3 Media, Davis has had many jobs. He started out working at CAA, one of the top agencies in the world. Check out this list of celebrities and athletes that they represent (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Creative_Artists_Agency_clients). Davis then went on to produce movies and TV shows before transitioning to digital media.
Day, Nick and Heather: Not much to be found on these two. There are several articles that speak of their ranch in Kenya. Apparently, it is a fairly popular spot where people stay to get some rest and solitude.
de Andrade, Marcelo: An international banker (not the serial killer) who lives within one mile of Epstein’s mansion in NYC. de Andrade was married to Lisa Bjornson, a successful banker and higher-up at J.P. Morgan Securities back in the ‘90s.
de Baecque, Patrick: de Baecque has his hands in online news media (lefigaro.fr) in France. de Baecque was named Director of Sales and Operations at Dolead in 2017. Dolead is a company that is involved with online marketing.
de Cabrol, Milly: A high-end interior designer based out of NYC.
De Cadenet, Alen: Alain de Cadenet is one of Epstein’s many Formula One contacts. Someone here probably knows more about de Cadenet, but he used to be a racecar driver and now works for ESPN and the Speed Channel as a host.
de Clermont-Tonnerre, Hermine: A French princess who used to have a penchant for partying. The only daughter of Charles Henri, 11th Duke of Clermont-Tonnerre, Hermine was one of 500 guests invited to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother’s 100th birthday back in 2000. Hermine got in a motorcycle crash a month ago that put her in a coma.
De Georgiou, Anouska: A former British Playboy model who claims that Epstein groomed and raped her as a teenager when she met him in the 1990s. Her experience with Epstein is detailed in this article (https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9974171/anouska-de-georgiou-jeffrey-epstein-rape-claims-nbc-playboy/). She speaks about how Epstein was able to lure her into the life as a young girl.
De Soto, Fernando: Very difficult to pinpoint. Best guess is that this is the Head of Real Estate at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer in Madrid, Spain. I could be wrong, but this is the one that made the most sense.
Dedieu, Jean & Paulette: Nothing found.
Del Bono, Luca: Co-founder of Quintessentially Group, a hospitality group that specializes in leisure, travel, and tourism.
Dell, Adam: Brother of Michael Dell (Founder of Dell Technologies and 27th ranked richest person in the world in Forbes’s BS rankings that discount the elite families). Adam is a venture capitalist who has a baby with Padma Lakshmi.
Deluca Dina & Fouard Chartuuni: Fouad Chartouni is the president of Kensico Properties, a real-estate holding company in New York. Chartouni and his brother own the Lowell Hotel in New York. The Lowell is a high-end 5 star hotel that caters largely to film executives, fashion design CEOs, publishing CEOs, and financial CEOs. Madonna lived there for nearly a year after breaking up with Sean Penn. Dina Deluca is Chartouni’s wife. She used to work as an assistant in film and television, but now focuses on her DDC28 brand of bath and beauty products.
Derby Earl / Cntess Cass & Ted: Edward Stanley (known informally as Teddy) is the 19th Earl of Derby. Caroline Stanley is Ted’s wife. She was a socialite during the ‘90s and is the daughter of Robin Neville, the 10th Baron Braybrooke.
Derby, Ros & Jonathan: No info found.
Di Vita, Charlotte: Best known for her handcrafted teapots, di Vita started off as a volunteer who helped raise funds to help poor people, most notably in Kenya, Thailand, and Brazil. She helped locals grow food and even helped build 3 schools (37 teachers, 1100 students) through a charity, Trade plus Aid, in Bawku, Ghana, in 1995.
Dickenson, Debbie: Supermodel and actress. Sister of the more famous Janice Dickinson.
Dickinson, Janice: One of the most successful models of the ‘70s and ‘80s, Dickinson has been occasionally labeled as the first ever supermodel. Opened her own modeling agency in 2005. Ironically, she accused Bill Cosby of raping her back in 1982 and wrote about it in her memoir. When called to the stand during Cosby’s trial, Cosby’s lawyer pointed out the differences between Dickinson’s testimony and her account of the incident in her memoir. Dickinson said that her accusations of Cosby raping her while under oath were the absolute truth, while she took “poetic license” with some of the details in her memoir.
Dietrich Marc Antoine and Cath: Baron Marc-Antoine de Dietrich is a businessman. He resigned as director of Vossloh Cogifer in 2011.
Dietrich, Paul & Laura: Paul is Chief Investment Officer of Fairfax Global Markets LLC. They manage investments for private investors, retirement funds, and private institutions.
Dimbelby, Johnathan: Jonathan Dimbleby is a famous British reporter, political radio and television show host, and author.
Diniz, Pedro: Former Formula One driver and businessman. Now runs a large scale organic farm in Brazil.
Dixon, Alexandra: No info found.
Djerassi, Dale: Film producer and private investor who was married to Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister, Isabel, from 1984-1989.
Dolbey, Alex & Suzie: Suzie Dolbey (nee Murray-Philipson) is the daughter of the recently deceased Robin Murray-Philipson, who was the descendant of the Viscounts Elibank. Alex Dolbey has been the director of several management and investment companies.
Donne, Alegra: Couldn’t find much except a bunch of pictures of her hobnobbing at fancy parties. Actual name is Maria Allegra Donn.
Dori: Dori Cooperman is a socialite blogger who is friends with Alex von Furstenberg, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, among others. Daughter of Edwin Cooperman, former Chairman of Travelers Bank Group. Used to work for the famous publicist, Lizzie Grubman, who has represented Jay-Z, Britney Spears, and the Backstreet Boys. Cooperman is known for getting into trouble due to issues with drugs and alcohol.
Dorrit: Dorrit Moussaieff is an Israeli jewellery designer, editor, and businesswoman who married into royalty. Dorrit was the First Lady of Iceland from 2003-2016 after marrying President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson in 2000. Although Moussaieff claims that Epstein only had her phone number because they “lived on the same street in London sometime between 1978 and 1983,” the Daily Mail published a picture of her and her husband, President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, with Ghislaine Maxwell.
Doss, David & Christy Prunier: David Doss has worked as producer and/or executive producer on NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, Oprah in Africa, Primetime (with Diane Sawyer), Anderson Cooper 360, and Live PD. Doss now serves as senior VP of news programming for Al Jazeera America. Christy Prunier is a former Hollywood exec and founder of the Willa brand of beauty products.
Douglas, Diandra: Actor Michael Douglas’s first wife.
Dr. Eli Wiesel: Most likely Elie Wiesel, the famous Holocaust survivor and Jewish author of Night**. Wiesel was accused of sexual assault in 2017 (source:** https://www.newsweek.com/elie-wiesel-me-too-account-690891)
Drax, Jeremy: Founder of Parham Holdings, a London property operation.
Dreesmann, Bernard: Executive Chairman of Morleys department stores in London.
Driver, Minnie: Famous movie and television actress.
Dubb, Anthony V.: Dub is an investment banker and founder of Indigo Capital, LLC.
Dubbens, Peter: Peter Dubens is a British Internet entrepreneur and investor. Founder of Oakley Capital.
Dubin, Glen: Glenn Dubin is a billionaire hedge fund manager. There is a great article detailing Dubin and his wife’s relationship with Epstein here: https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2019/09/glenn-dubin-epstein-questions). Summary of the article: Dubin was the first one accused by Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre. Rinaldo Rizzo, Dubin’s chef, testified that sexual activities occurred between Dubin and a 15-year-old girl, which led to him and his wife quitting as personal chefs of the Dubins. Dubin’s wife, Dr. Eva Andersson-Dubin, dated Epstein for a long time before she married Dubin. The couple was so close with Epstein that even after Epstein was convicted in 2008 and officially a registered sex offender, they invited him to Thanksgiving dinner and wrote a letter to his probation officer that they trusted him around their children, who were all minors at the time. Multiple sources say Epstein was actually their children’s Godfather, but a spokesman for the couple denies it. Glen Dubin and Epstein helped each other with their business ties, as well. Dubin also had other ties with Epstein (personal friends with Les Wexner and others). Dubin and his wife are definitely major players in the Epstein saga.
Dubin, Louis & Tiffany: Louis Dubin is a real estate developer specializing in upper-middle class condominiums. Has sold luxury condominiums to the likes of Charles Bronfman, who has ties to the Clintons, Wexner, and whose family were in the NXIUM cult. Tiffany Dubin is the stepdaughter of the now deceased billionaire, A. Alfred Taubman, the owner of Sotheby’s, a famous auction house in NYC that often hosts parties for the rich and famous.
Dubin, Peter: Epstein is/was a moron. This is the same Peter Dubens listed just above.
Duchess of York: Former wife of Prince Andrew. Mother of Princess Beatrice and Eugenie. God knows the stories she could tell. Rumor has it her toes still look like prunes to this day.
Ducrey-Giordano, Francisco: Likely the owner of General Vegetables out of Italy. No further info found.
Duesing, Paul: An interior architectural designer who has worked on luxury and personal resorts all around the world. Duesing claims Epstein tried to hire him to work on Epstein’s home on Epstein’s private island back in 2002, but Duesing declined because he didn’t like Epstein. Says he doesn’t even know how Epstein got his number in the first place. Perhaps it was Duesing’s ties with the royal family. He tells stories of getting the Queen Mother drunk, being close with Lord and Lady Lloyd, working on the home of Mohamed Al-Fayed, father of Dodi, Princess Diana’s boyfriend who died in the car crash with her.
Duke of York: Prince Andrew, the toe-sucking pedophile (allegedly), himself. Photographed with victims, Epstein, and Maxwell many times over. His reputation has been completely crushed.
Dunbar Johnson Miranda & Steph: Stephen Dunbar-Johnson is the president, International of the New York Times Company. He oversees the strategic development of the Times Company’s international businesses. He also spent 12 years working at The Financial Times. Miranda Dunbar-Johnson is Stephen’s wife. She serves on The Paris Committee, which “plays a crucial role in increasing Human Rights Watch’s visibility in France.” David de Rothschild is on the honorary committee.
Dunne, Griffin: An actor, producer, and director best known for his role as Jack in An American Werewolf in London (1981).
Dunne, Philip & Dominice: Philip Dunne is a Conservative Party politician who has been a Member of Parliament since 2005. Domenica is his wife.
Duong, Anh: An artist, actress, and model best known for her self-portraits and her portraits of art collectors and influencers. As a model, Duong has worked for Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior, Donna Karan, Karl Lagerfield, Moschino, Yohji Yamamoto, and others.
Durso Luigi: Luigi d’Urso was a noble and Italian railroad executive who died in 2006. His grandfather was the 9th Duke di Cassano. His mother was the great-granddaughter of George Clymer, one of the founding fathers of the U.S. and signee of both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. d’Urso was also married to French designer and model Ines de la Fressange.
Duthie, John & Charlotte: John is primarily a television director based out of London. Duthie also won some poker tournaments against some of the world’s best players in the early 2000s. His wife, Charlotte played a big role in Sir James Goldsmith’s political career as a member of the Referendum Party back in 1997. Goldsmith received 3.5% of the vote in Putney, a constituency located in London.
Dzhabrailou, Umar: Umar Dzhabrailov is a Russian politician and advisor to Sergei Prikhodko, the current First Deputy Head of the Russian Government Office and Deputy Prime Minister of Russia in Dmitry Medvedev’s Cabinet. Dzhabrailov was rumored to be romantically linked to Naomi Campbell, supermodel and one of the main suspects in Epstein’s underage sex scandal, in the early 2000s. Dzhabrailov, a supremely wealthy businessman, ran for president in 2000, garnering 0.1% of the vote as an Independent. Dzhabrailov was a partner in Russia’s Radisson Hotel along with American entrepreneur Paul Tatum. After their falling out in 1996, Tatum was shot and killed. Some think Dzhabrailov was responsible while others think he was set up.
Ecclestone, Bernie: A billionaire British business magnate and former chief executive of Formula One Group. Ecclestone has faced some minimal controversies for tax evasion, bribery, and saying that Hitler was a man who was “able to get things done.” Disgustingly enough, Ecclestone, at the age of 89, became a father to his first son, Ace, on July 1, 2020.
Eckon, Paul: Paul Ekon is an international investor and venture capitalist who allegedly fled South Africa in the mid-90s because he was being investigated for links to a gold-smuggling syndicate. Has strong ties to South Africa, including being a personal friend of former president, Thabo Mbeki.
Edsel, Lucinda: No info found.
Edwards, Andrew & Tracy: Unsure. There was an Andrew Edwards and Tracy Edwards on linkedin who have a background in finance, but it is not conclusive whether or not they are the ones listed here or if they are even married. There is also a Tracy Edwards who is a former British sailor who used to work as a Project Manager for Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) and now teaches children of Internet safety and online reputation. This would be a far more interesting connection, but I cannot find anyone by the name of Andrew with a relevant relationship to her.
Ellan, Johnathan: No info found. Given his email, likely an employee of Starwood Capital Group, a private investment firm that is widely known for their luxury hotels. Starwood also specializes in real estate and energy.
Elias, Brian: A Miami Beach attorney.
Eliasch, Johan & Amanda: Johan is a Swedish billionaire businessman whose company, Gethal, was fined for alleged deforestation of the Amazon in 2008. The charges were dropped. Amanda is his ex-wife.
Elingworth, Charlie & Amanda: Charles Ellingworth is an author, businessman, and director of several real estate companies, most notably Cadogan Group, which owns most of the property in Chelsea, an affluent area in Central London.
Elizabeth: Not enough info.
Ellenbogen, Eric: An entertainment exec of Classic Media (a subsidiary of Dreamworks) and former CEO of Marvel Enterprises.
Ellingworth, Mr. & Mrs.: Charlie and Amanda listed just above.
Elliot, Ben: Current Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party in the UK and nephew of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (Prince Charles’s current wife). Elliot is also co-founder of Quintessentially Group, a hospitality group that specializes in leisure, travel, and tourism. Epstein has several ties to this group. Elliot’s spokesman has said that Elliot never met Epstein. However, Elliot has been a dinner guest of Ghislaine Maxwell in New York.
Elliott, Gail & Joe Coffey: Gail Elliott is an English fashion designer and former model. Joe Coffey is her husband and co-owner of their fashion brand, Little Joe Woman.
Ellison, Mandy & Ralph: Ralph Ellison is a pharmaceutical executive and investor. He was CEO of DOR BioPharma Inc., now known as Soligenix Inc. a company focused on treating rare diseases. Soligenix came under scrutiny two years ago when they were accused of ripping off stockholders.
Elwes, Anabel: Not much information to be found on Annabel Elwes, although it is clear that she runs in elite circles. Back in 1997, Elwes organized the Hong Kong handover party in order to aid the Hong Kong Cancer Fund. Guests included Anthony de Rothschild (eldest son of Evelyn de Rothschild); James Hewitt (former cavalry officer who revealed that he had an affair with Princess Diana while she was with Prince Charles. Possibly the biological father of Prince Harry, if rumors are to be believed); actress Isla Fisher of Wedding Crashers fame; socialite Tamara Beckwith; and Bassam Debs (listed in the Panama Papers).
Epstein, Ed: An investigative journalist and friend of Epstein. Denies any knowledge of Epstein’s penchant for underage girls.
Erba Noona: Noona Smith-Petersen is a public relations executive who has worked for Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Calvin Klein, and Tod’s. She now owns her own PR firm. Noona is married to Enrico Erba, who is a client manager for Giorgio Armani.
Espirito, Santo, Manuel and Ros: Manuel Espirito Santo is likely an heiemployee of the Portuguese banking cartel, Espirito Santo, which received a major bailout in 2014.
Estlin, Jean-Marc: Jean-Marc Etlin is a banker and current partner in CVC Capital Partners, one of the world’s largest private equity and investment advisory firms.
Estrada, Juffali, Christina: Christina Estrada is a former Pirelli Calendar model and ex-wife (2001-2014) of Saudi billionaire heir and businessman, Walid Juffali. She received a £75 million settlement after their divorce.
Evans, Chris: Not the Captain America Chris Evans, but the UK television host and radio DJ. Evans has been rumored to often “flash” people at work (source: https://www.insider.com/police-build-case-on-chris-evans-sexual-assault-claim-2016-7). The BBC has also refused to investigate claims from an ex-Top Gear presenter that Evans “grabbed her breasts and touched himself.” When Evans was 35, he married 18-year-old pop star Billie Piper. They eventually separated and divorced years later.
Eveheart, Angie: Angie Everheart was one of the most well-known models of the 1990s. She has accused Harvey Weinstein of masturbating in front of her.
Faber, David: Due to the London area phone number listed, this is likely the former Conservative member of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. His maternal grandfather, Harold Macmillan, was Prime Minister of the UK from 1957-1963. As of 2010, Faber was to become head of Summer Fields, his former prep school. Summer Fields, an exclusive all-boys prep school, has come under scrutiny in the past. Tom Parker Bowles, son of Camilla Duchess of Cornwall (Prince Charles’s wife), has claimed that Summer Fields was “a hotbed of the sorts of things that are coming out now,” according to this article (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2812235/Tom-Parker-Bowles-former-headmaster-dismisses-food-writer-s-claims-old-primary-school-hotbed-impropriety-complete-rubbish.html) from the Daily Mail published in 2014. Parker Bowles went on to claim that one master would join naked boys in the shower.
Faber, Sally & Brook Johnson: Charles “Brook” Johnson is a millionaire UK businessman and polo player. His wife, Sally Faber was a weather girl in the 1980s and former wife of former David Faber (listed above). They live next door to Prince Charles in Highgrove.
Faibairn, Charlotte: Charlotte Fairbairn is an author who has worked in the arts, politics, and journalism. Most importantly, she is the eldest daughter of Sir Nicholas Fairbairn (1933-1995), a Scottish politician and former legal adviser to Margaret Thatcher, who was posthumously accused of child molestation and sexual assault against an adult female. Sir Nicholas’s name was allegedly on a list of VIPs who attended parties at an underage boys brothel in the 1980s with Cyril Smith, another British government official and alleged serial sex offender. More info can be found on both here: https://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/sir-nicholas-fairbairn-child-abuse-scandal-link-1531718 and here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyril_Smith
Fairfax, The Hon Rupert: Hon. Rupert Alexander James Fairfax is the son of Thomas Brian McElvie Fairfax, 13th Lord of Fairfax of Cameron. Rupert is currently Managing Director of Fairfax Saddles, which was awarded the Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2018. This is the highest business award in the UK.
Fairweather, Natasha: A well-known literary agent who was the literary editor of The Moscow Times and writereviewer for the London Times and The Economist.
Fairweather, Ms. Catherine: Former travel editor at Harper’s Bazaar and Porter. Married to photojournalist Don McCullin. McCullin co-wrote The Palestinians with Jonathan Dimbleby, another Epstein associate listed above.
Fairweather, Ambassador & Lady: Sir Patrick Fairweather is a retired British diplomat. He worked as Ambassador to Angola (1985-1987), Italy (1992-1996), and Albania (1992-1996). Lady Maria Fairweather was a linguist and professional interpreter who once helped out Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin when the official interpreter disappeared at a crucial moment just before the commencement of the G7 Summit.
Fakhre, Armado & Jasmine: Amado Fakhre is the British-Argentinian Founder and former CEO of Coral Capital, a Havana-based investment group best known for its joint venture partner in Havana’s upscale Saratoga Hotel. Fakhre was arrested for corruption and Coral Capital was forced to shut its doors in Havana. Fakhre was interrogated for 20 months in a Cuban safe house and eventually got sentenced to 5-7 years for bribery, but did not have to serve any time. No explanation has been given. Jasmine is his wife.
Fakhre, Danny & Christine: Danny Fakhre is the Chairman of Kochii Oil out of Australia. Christiane is his wife.
Fall, Meredith: No info found.
Fallah, Mrs: Likely Gina Fallah, mother of Christina Fallah. Gina’s father was Reza Fallah, an Iranian businessman and political advisor.
Fallah, Ms. Christina & Jon Robe: Christina Fallah is an interior designer and owner of Christina Fallah designs.
Falletans, Olivier de: Managing partner at Bryan, Olivier, & Co., a mid-market investment bank in Technology. Olivier comes from a family of nobility dating back to at least the 13th century.
Fanjul, Pepe: Jose “Pepe” Fanjul is a billionaire businessman involved in sugar and real estate. Vice Chairman and President of Flo-Sun. “Pepe” is a Republican. He was one of the largest contributors to George W. Bush’s campaign, is an ardent supporter of Marco Rubio, and co-hosted a large fundraiser for Donald Trump. His older brother, Alfonso Fanjul Jr., is a Democrat and was a co-chair of Bill Clinton’s Florida campaign, further proving that POLITICAL PARTISANSHIP IS A CROCK OF SHIT.
Faulkner, Terence & Cornelia: Terence Faulkner is Chairman of Leathams PLC, a London-based food distributor. Cornelia is Terence’s wife. She is Director of Leathams and a specialist decorator.
Feeley, Fiona: An interior designer at Atelier Designs.
Fekkai, Frederic: A French celebrity hairstylist.
Feldman, Andrew: Orthopaedic surgeon in New York City.
Felix, Helena: Not much to be found on Helena. She was possibly the director of an investment firm called Edenhaven Limited. Her husband, Peter, was an oral surgeon. He passed away in 2011.
Fell, David & Anne: Nothing much found here. After a lot of digging, it turns out that David Fell lives in an apartment at 1177 Avenue of the Americas, a real estate holding of Larry Silverstein, owner of the World Trade Center who (allegedly) took out insurance on the WTC just before 9/11.
Ferragamo, Leonardo & Beatrice: Leonardo is the son of Salvatore Ferragamo, the creator of Salvatore Ferragamo, S.p.A., an Italian luxury goods company specializing in shoes, leather goods, and watches.
Ferranti, Hugo: Hugo de Ferranti is an art dealer. He is also a Director for Action on Addiction, a UK-based charity for people with drug and alcohol addiction issues. Kate Middleton has served as patron of Action on Addiction since 2012.
Ferry, Brian: Bryan Ferry is a singesongwriter and the owner of Studio One recording studio in London. In the 1970s, he was the frontman for the British rock band, Roxy Music.
Fiennes, Martin: The heir apparent to the Baron Saye and Sele, a title of peerage in England. Lives in Broughton Castle. Cousin of actor Ralph Fiennes.
Fiennes, Martin: Same person.
Fiennes, Ralph: Famous actor. Cousin of Martin Fiennes. The fact that Epstein knows so many people in this family is troubling.
Fiennes, Suzzana: A British artist who works exclusively with Prince Charles. Susannah is the twin sister of Martin Fiennes and cousin of actor Ralph.
Fifer, Chuck: Not positive, but could be actor Chuck Pfeiffer, who is a close friend of Oliver Stone and was in Wall Street with Michael Douglas. However, it could be someone else. Pfeiffer didn’t have much of an acting career.
Figg, Christopher & Charlotte: Christopher Figg is a movie producer and CEO of Piccadilly Pictures. Figg is best known for producing the first 3 Hellraiser movies, Trainspotting, Dog Soldiers, Heidi, Coriolanus (directed by and starring Ralph Fiennes), We Need to Talk About Kevin, and many others. Charlotte is his wife.
Finch Charles: A failed director who became a talent agent for William Morris. Oversees a private equity finance unit called Finch Asia and is Chairman of Dean & Deluca (66 stores nationwide). Most notably, Charles Finch is known to host extravagant, A-list laden parties at Cannes, home of the world-famous film festival, pre-Oscar parties, and pre-BAFTA parties. There is an in-depth article from the Hollywood Reporter about Finch and his Cannes parties here (https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/meet-charles-finch-ultimate-cannes-party-host-you-need-know-1001847). Regulaoccasional guests of his Cannes parties included: Harvey Weinstein, Rush Hour director Brett Ratner (accused of sexual abuse by 6 women, including actress Olivia Munn and actress/model Natasha Henstridge), Mick Jagger, and Netflix bigwig Ted Sarandos. Finch’s pre-Oscar and pre-BAFTA parties have attracted the likes of Jeff Bezos, Robert De Niro, Sofia Coppola, Pedro Almodovar, Margot Robbie, Rashida Jones (daughter of Quincy Jones, music mogul who has been accused of nefarious sexual endeavors), Tracee Ellis Ross, and others Finch is the son of famous actor Peter Finch (A-list actor from the 1960s-1970s, best known for his role in the movie Network, for which he won an Oscar for Best Actor) and Yolande Turner (actress). A deeper look into Finch’s parties and connections would definitely prove interesting.
Finklestein, Howard: Finkelstein is a public defender in Broward County, Florida. In Florida (and some other states), public defenders are elected, not appointed.
Firyal Princess: Jerusalem-born Jordanian princess who was once married to Prince Muhammad bin Talal. Firyal was named an UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in 1992. Princess Firyal launched the International Hope Foundation in 1994 for the benefit of homeless and street children. Firyal holds positions with several museums (The Louvre, The Tate, MOMA, and Guggenheim), as well as positions with Columbia University, New York Public Library, United Nation Association, and International Rescue Committee.
Fisher, Dan: Given the address listed (Trump Tower), it is possible that this is a former lobbyist (https://www.citizen.org/news/36-former-lobbyists-working-trump-clear-conflicts-interest/) and current Special Assistant to the President and Director of the White House Visitors Office, however I am unable to confirm this information with 100% certainty.
Flick Mook: Likely Friedrich Christian Flick, known as Mick Flick. The Flick family was a billionaire coal and steel conglomerate that was accused of war crimes during the Holocaust. Flick’s grandfather financially supported the Nazi Party and used 48,000 forced laborers from the concentration camps, many of whom died due to the conditions. Grandfather Flick was found guilty of war crimes at Nuremberg and served 3 years of his 7-year sentence. Mick (Mook) sold most of his holdings in the ‘80s and retired a billionaire.
Foman, Bobby & Jeanette: Robert Q. Fomon currently works as a Managing Director for Morgan Stanley. He specializes in wealth management. He used to be an Assistant Director at Bear Stearns (owned by Chase), one of the investment banks that went under as a result of the 2008 financial crisis. His father is. Robert M. Fomon, Jeanette is his wife. D-F continued below....
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2020.05.30 23:23 tonnie_taller Elon Musk’s SpaceX Makes History With First Astronaut Launch With NASA

Read more on WordPress https://ift.tt/3ewWZBY
SpaceX just made history with its first astronaut launch for NASA.
Following a first attempt on Wednesday that was scrubbed due to inclement weather, Elon Musk‘s company partnered with NASA to launch its first crewed mission, a test flight called Demo-2, on Saturday. The historic moment marked the first time since 2011 that NASA sent American astronauts back to the International Space Station, on an American rocket, from American soil.
NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Doug Hurley were onboard a Crew Dragon spacecraft, which launched atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. The launch took off from Launch Complex 39A of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 3:23 p.m. EST.
“It is absolutely our honour to be part of this huge effort to get the United States back in the launch business. We’ll talk to you from orbit,” Hurley said before takeoff.
We have liftoff. History is made as @NASA_Astronauts launch from @NASAKennedy for the first time in nine years on the @SpaceX Crew Dragon: pic.twitter.com/alX1t1JBAt
— NASA (@NASA) May 30, 2020
Vehicle is supersonic. #LaunchAmericapic.twitter.com/ea7iteD2j9
— NASA (@NASA) May 30, 2020
"It is absolutely our honor to be part of this huge effort to get the United States back in the launch business. We'll talk to you from orbit." — @Astro_Doug is ready to #LaunchAmerica: pic.twitter.com/XmBbf69kUc
— NASA (@NASA) May 30, 2020
“We want to inspire kids to say, ‘One day, I want to wear that spacesuit,’ and get them fired up to say, ‘Yeah, I want to be an astronaut. I want to work on aerospace engineering, I want to advance spaceflight,’” Musk said in a joint broadcast from SpaceX and NASA on Wednesday. “What I think today is about is reigniting the dream of space, and getting people fired up about the future.”
“It’s just a great, exciting, inspiring day,” he continued. “It’s one of those things that makes you glad to wake up in the morning.”
Prior to Wednesday’s initial launch, the official Twitter account for the International Space Station shared video of Behnken and Hurley, clad in their custom-made SpaceX spacesuits, jumping into the backseat of a NASA logo-emblazoned Tesla Model X electric-powered SUV en route to the launch pad.
.@Astro_Doug and @AstroBehnken walk out and say farewell to their families before heading out to the launch pad and boarding the @SpaceX#CrewDragon. #LaunchAmerica https://t.co/yuOTrYN8CVpic.twitter.com/TAxzjR0o56
— Intl. Space Station (@Space_Station) May 27, 2020
“All systems are looking good for Crew Dragon’s first flight with astronauts,” SpaceX shared in an Instagram post one day earlier.
View this post on InstagramAll systems are looking good for Crew Dragon’s first flight with astronauts
A post shared by SpaceX (@spacex) on May 25, 2020 at 6:03pm PDT
Here’s how celebrities have been reacting to the launch on Twitter:
Congratulations @nasa and @SpaceX !!!
— Olivia Munn (@oliviamunn) May 30, 2020
Thank you ⁦@NASA⁩ and ⁦@SpaceX⁩ for the most instance coverage of the launch of #Falcon9 that was quite the ride!!! I am so jealous of Bob and Doug right now!!! https://t.co/YWLynZTjlo
— Luke Evans (@TheRealLukevans) May 30, 2020
Amazing! Congrats, @NASA and @SpaceX. A bright spot in today’s news! What #inspiringnews from this historic launch! #LaunchAmericahttps://t.co/D6eDxbwjHE
— Maria Shriver (@mariashriver) May 30, 2020
Congrats to SpaceX and NASA on today’s historic launch! Could you actually imagine being launched into space!? No way, I’m good, keep me on the ground please. Wishing those 2 astronauts a safe journey! #SpaceX
— Jeremy Roenick (@Jeremy_Roenick) May 30, 2020
What a sight! @NASA and @SpaceX are making history. Our nation’s space program is a symbol of American leadership and ingenuity https://t.co/6vzB0m4xWF
— Senator Mitt Romney (@SenatorRomney) May 30, 2020

As for Musk, he certainly has a lot to celebrate this year. In addition to SpaceX’s historic launch, the 48-year-old engineer also welcomed a son, X Æ A-Xii. The baby boy marks his first child with girlfriend Grimes. He’s also father to sons Xavier, Griffin, Kai, Saxon and Damian. His late son, Nevada, died in 2002 from sudden infant death syndrome at just 10 weeks old.
Hear more on Musk in the video below.
Tom Cruise Is Working With NASA to Film a Movie in Space
Grimes and Elon Musk Have Slightly Changed Their Son’s Name
Ariana Grande Wears Astronaut Suit at NASA Space Center While Listening to Her Song ‘NASA’

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2019.11.05 06:35 imperfect_spiral my uncomfortably long list of heartbreak songs for those who need it

i've noticed a lot of y'all ask for songs with heartbreak as its main theme, so from a depressed 18-year-old who listens to a lot of music made in the 2000s - 2010s, here's my ultimate list for every different type of heartbreak imaginable. if you need songs for a certain type of heartbreak that doesn't fall under any of the lists below, let me know and i'll try to find songs for you. also, the genres are completely mixed; if you want anything in a specific genre (with the exception of metal and country), let me know as well. lastly, some of the songs will overlap because they're applicable for multiple types.
if you really enjoy this, I can make a list for different types of sadness and even positive moods. let me know if these fit or work with you!

narcissistic heartbreak (completely sad, grieving, mainly describing the sadness and not necessarily lashing out at the other person, somewhat of a 'what did i do wrong' vibe):

December - Neck Deep
Dancing On My Own - Calum Scott
sometimes - Chelsea Cutler
this is what heartbreak feels like - Clinton Kane
Wish I Never Fell in Love - Cold Illumination
lost//found - EDEN
crash - EDEN
and - EDEN
start//end - EDEN
Way to Break My Heart - Ed Sheeran, Skrillex
i'm sad - eli.
Let U Go - Faime
You Were a Home That I Wanted to Grow up In - Flatsound
Distance - Flatsound
ghost stories - ghosthands
p.s. - gnash
daydreams - gnash, Julius
you were good to me - Jeremy Zucker, Chelsea Cutler
Love Song for No One - John Mayer
Useless - Kayden
Colder - Kayden
as long as it takes you - keshi
Coaster - Khalid
street lights - killedmyself
don't worry about me - killedmyself
Malibu Nights - LANY
The Night We Met - Lord Huron
If You Want Love - NF
Friendly Dark - Ollie MN
Let Her Go - Passenger
Broken - Patrick Watson
I Could Never Be Loved - Powfu
Jealous - Labrinth
A Song About Being Sad - Rex Orange Country

traditional heartbreak (focused on the other person, desperate, sort of the 'you left me and i'm torn apart, i could/want to give you everything' vibe)

Lie to Me - 5 Seconds of Summer, Julia Michaels
Amnesia - 5 Seconds of Summer
Ghost of You - 5 Seconds of Summer
Half a Heart - One Direction
I Don't Wanna Love Somebody Else - A Great Big World
Let Me Down Slowly - Alec Benjamin
It's You - Ali Gatie
you're my world - atlas
Insulin - Atlas In Motion
Drifted - Atlas In Motion
Burgundy - Atlas In Motion
December - Atlas In Motion
Keyframe - Atlas In Motion
Things That I Miss - awfultune, Sandosius
Half Past You - ayokay, Future Jr.
A Sad Song About A Girl I No Longer Know - Bedside Kites
i love you - Billie Eilish
I Needed You - blackbear
My Heart Is Lost - blackbear
hell is where i dreamt of u and woke up alone - blackbear
Idfc - blackbear
Ain't Trippin - blackbear
Skinny Love - blackbear
sunder - brakence
softie - brakence
boywontcry - brakence
Dancing On My Own - Calum Scott
You Are The Reason - Calum Scott
sometimes - Chelsea Cutler
please - Chelsea Cutler, Jeremy Zucker
this is what being cheated on feels like - Clinton Kane
this is what a toxic relationship feels like - Clinton Kane
I Can't Make You Love Me - Dave Thomas Junior
Analog Boy - DBMK
Hot Mess - DBMK
You've Haunted Me All My Life - Death Cab for Cutie
I Dreamt We Spoke Again - Death Cab for Cutie
Marvins Room - Drake
sex - EDEN
drugs - EDEN
and - EDEN
rock + roll - EDEN
End Credits - EDEN
wonder - EDEN
Gravity - EDEN
drowning. - Eden Project
Way To Break My Heart - Ed Sheeran
Happier - Ed Sheeran
the one for me - eli.
23 - eli.
that girl - eli.
attached - eli.
could have been - familypet
so long, goodbye - familypet, LiL Lotus
I Don't Miss You At All - FINNEAS
Break My Heart Again - FINNEAS
Don't Call Me At All - Flatsound
You're a Mess in Public - Flatsound
You Were a Home That I Wanted to Grow Up In - Flatsound
You Are the Coffin - Flatsound
You Wrote "Don't Forget" On Your Arm - Flatsound
You Said Okay - Flatsound
Hands - Flatsound
I'm What You Need - Gabe Bondoc
lonely again - gnash
Leave A Message - gnash
stay still - ghosthands
i hate u, i love u - gnash, Olivia O'Brien
u just can't be replaced - gnash, rosabeales
t-shirt - gnash
feelings fade - gnash, RKCB
happy never after - gnash
fuck me up - gnash
I Don't Have to Tell You I'm Okay Anymore - Graveyard
Good Things Fall Apart - ILLENIUM, Jon Bellion
silhouettes of you - isaac gracieyou were good to me - Jeremy Zucker, Chelsea Cutler
A Soulmate Who Wasnt Meant to Be - Jess Benko
i loved you first - joan
All Time Low - Jon Bellion
I Still Need You - Kayden
Better - Kayden
What About Me? - Kayden
Letting Go - Kayden
You Don't Care At All - Kayden
anymore - Kayden
I'm Gone - Kayden
How Are You - Kayden
over u - keshi
2 soon - keshi
as long as it takes you - keshi
All I Want - Kodaline
I Don't Wanna Love You Anymore - LANY
Thru These Tears - LANY
okay - LANY Julia Michaels
Reforget - LANY
Someone You Loved - Lewis Capaldi
Fade - Lewis Capaldi
Bruises - Lewis Capaldi
The Night We Met - Lord Huron
Cinco De Mayo Shit Show - Marietta
You're My Girl (Lost Recording #6) - Mark Diamond
Happier - Marshmello, Bastille
If You Leave - Meredith Brackbil
Say Goodbye - Monty Datta, Snow
feelings are fatal - mxmtoon
please don't - mxmtoon
i miss you - mxmtoon
It's Cool, We Can Still Be Friends - Nehalem (Bright Eyes cover)
Please Never Fall In Love Again - Ollie MN
Half a Heart - One Direction
In My Head - Peter Manos
Better Now - Post Malone
is it too late? - rei brown
Picture Frames - rei brown
checklist / the one about watching friends - remy
Untitled - Rex Orange County
No Right To Love You - Acoustic - Rhys Lewis
tell me that you miss me - shattered
Wasn't I Enough - Sky
You Don't Want Me Anymore - Snow, Teqkoi
Emptiness Is a Closet Full of Your Old Clothes - Wishing
At the End pt. 1 - Wylder
At the End, Pt. 2 - Wylder

longing heartbreak (wanting someone back, kind of a 'i need you' vibe)

Let Me Down Slowly - Alex Benjamin
It's You - Ali Gatie
Insulin - Atlas in Motion
I Know - Atlas in Motion
Phase - Atlas in Motion
Idfc - blackbear
please - Chelsea Cutler, Jeremy Zucker
You Mean The Whole World To Me - dandelion hands
I Can't Make You Love Me - Dave Thomas Junior
Halflife - DBMK
I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie
Transatlanticism - Death Cab for Cutie
drugs - EDEN
End Credits - EDEN
wrong people - eli.
that girl - eli.
Break My Heart Again - FINNEAS
I'm What You Need - Gabe Bondoc
p.s. - gnash
be - gnash
forgive - gnash
i think you're really cool - guardin
Old Eden - Honeywater
Different Story - INTRN
comethru - Jeremy Zucker
Sorry - Jess Benko
i loved you first - joan
I Still Need You - Kayden
Useless - Kayden
On the Way - Kayden
Looking at You - Kayden
Starting Over - Kayden
What About Me? - Kayden
Letting Go - Kayden
You Don't Care At All - Kayden
How Are You - Kayden
the reaper - keshi
right here - keshi
2 soon - keshi
over u - keshi
I've Changed for You - Kina, Madson Project
Get You the Moon - Kina, Snow
addict (W/ One Hope) - knowuh
If You See Her - LANY
okay - LANY, Julia Michaels
Reforget - Lauv
Infection - LEW
The Night We Met - Lord Huron
Happier - Marshmello, Bastille
Spectrum - Acoustic - Matthew Koma
Underwater - Matt Van
Honest Mistake - Max Embers
It's Cool, We Can Still Be Friends - Nehalem (Bright Eyes cover)
Please Never Fall In Love Again - Ollie MN
Half a Heart - One Direction
Missin You Crazy - Acoustic - Russ
Hurt - Sasha Sloan
tell me that you miss me - shattered
Wasn't I Enough - Sky
Stumblin' Home - Smallpools
sorry - tea
i miss you - tea
Be My Mistake - The 1975
Elise - The Greeting Committee
It Wasn't Easy to Be Happy For You - The Lumineers
Sadderdaze - The Neighborhood
Heartbeat - The Scarlet Project, Atlas In Motion
RUNNING OUT OF TIME - Tyler, The Creator
Waiting for You - Verzache, Swell
i'd die for you - yesterday

happy songs that remind you of the wrong things (upbeat or positive-in-meaning songs that create a feeling of sadness or heartbreak)

Here Without You - 3 Doors Down
It's You - Ali Gatie
you're my world - atlas
The Moon Song - beabadoobee, Oscar Lang
Feeling Lonely - boy pablo
Places We Won't Walk - Bruno Major
Nothing - Bruno Major
Best Part - Daniel Caesar, H.E.R
Speechless - Dan + Shay
19 You + Me - Dan + Shay
Full Of It - DBMK
Halflife - DBMK
One of One - Duendita
sex - EDEN
wonder - EDEN
Falling - Elaine
over you - eli.
Hero - Family of the Year
I Hope You're Okay - Flatsound
i could change ur life - gnash
i think you're really cool - guardin
Work Song - Hozier
Empty Space - James Arthur
i loved you first - joan
Love Song for No One - John Mayer
CAN'T GET OVER YOU - Joji, Clams Casino
Colder - Kayden
Sunkissed - khai dreams
Get You The Moon - Kina, Snow
Thru These Tears - LANY
okay - LANY, Julia Michaels
Here With Me - Marshmello, CHVRCHES
Little Things - One Direction
Make You Mine - PUBLIC
Our Love Remains - rei brown
Stumblin' Home - Smallpools
For the First Time - The Script
EARFQUAKE - Tyler, The Creator
RUNNING OUT OF TIME - Tyler, The Creator
Lucky People - Waterparks
Heart Like Yours - Willamette Stone
At the End pt. 1 - Wylder
At the End, pt. 2 - Wylder

unrequited heartbreak (you aren't loved back, your crush doesn't feel the same way vibe)

Why Won't You Love Me - 5 Seconds of Summer
I Don't Wanna Love Somebody Else - A Great Big World
Keyframe - Atlas in Motion
A Sad Song About a Girl I No Longer Know - Bedside Kites
i love you - Billie Eilish
hot girl bummer - blackbear
Dancing On My Own - Calum Scott
You Are the Reason - Calum Scott
sometimes - Chelsea Cutler
Please Notice - Christian Leave
this is what heartbreak feels like - Clinton Kane
I Can't Make You Love Me - Dave Thomas Junior
I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie
Marvins Room - Drake
drugs - EDEN
Wake Up - EDEN
End Credits - EDEN
and - EDEN
Way To Break My Heart - Ed Sheeran, Skrillex
wrong people - eli.
over you - eli.
love me not - eli.
Love - Finding Hope
3:00 AM - Finding Hope
You Were a Home That I Wanted to Grow up In - Flatsound
It's Sunday, April 19th and I Miss You - Flatsound
You Said Okay - Flatsound
Hands - Flatsound
Don't Call Me At All - Flatsound
Be Happy - FRND
I'm What You Need - Gabe Bondoc
i hate u, i love u - gnash, Olivia O'Brien
daydreams - gnash, Julius
i think you're really cool - guardin
Good Things Fall Apart - ILLENIUM, Jon Bellion
Can I Be Him - James Arthur
Paradox - Jaymes Young
better off - Jeremy Zucker, Chelsea Cutler
A Soulmate Who Wasnt Meant to Be - Jess Benko
right here - keshi
just friends - keshi
as long as it takes you - keshi
Someone You Loved - Lewis Capaldi
Honest Mistake - Max Embers
Next to You - Of Rust & Bone
Let Her Go - Passenger
No Right To Love You - Acoustic - Rhys Lewis
I'm Not Enough and I'm Sorry - Teqkoi, Snow

toxic heartbreak (for toxic relationships, being dragged down by your relationship, being unable to keep going on without hurting yourself or your partner)

Easier - 5 Seconds of Summer
Say Something - A Great Big World, Christina Aguilera
Faded - Alan Walker
Little Do You Know - Alex & Sierra
Toxic - Atlas In Motion
I Know - Atlas In Motion
ITS ALL GONNA BURN - blackbear
Skinny Love - Bon Iver
Lua - Bright Eyes
sunder - brakence
sometimes - Chelsea Cutler
please - Chelsea Cutler, Jeremy Zucker
this is what a toxic relationship feels like - Clinton Kane
Hot Mess - DBMK
Always On - DBMK
Twin Machines - DBMK
Analog Boy - DBMK
Be Alright - Dean Lewis
Half A Man - Dean Lewis
You've Haunted Me All My Life - Death Cab for Cutie
icarus - EDEN
Wake Up - EDEN
909 - EDEN
attached - eli.
go, just go - eli.
Erased - Essenger, Kazukii
Break My Heart Again - FINNEAS
You're a Mess in Public - Flatsound
Hands - Flatsound
t-shirt - gnash
lonely again - gnash
fuck me up - gnash
Falling Like The Stars - James Arthur
better off - Jeremy Zucker, Chelsea Cutler
hello old friend - Jeremy Zucker, Chelsea Cutler
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room - John Mayer
Crop Circles - Jon Bellion
street lights - killedmyself
The Story Never Ends - Lauv
Breathe - Lauv
Ruthless - MarMar Oso
Fix Myself - Mason Murphy
I Lost Myself - Munn
In Bloom (Acoustic) - Neck Deep
Broken - Patrick Watson
Stay - Post Malone
High And Dry - Radiohead
here we go again - tea
these are all my recommendations for each type of heartbreak. like i said, a lot of the songs overlap but based on your mindset or type of heartbreak, it can fit into different messages. feel free to recommend more songs, i'll gladly take a listen.
let me know if there's a certain type of mood of heartbreak that isn't really covered here. i'll try to find songs that fall under the category you desire.
if you want me to make more of these, let me know as well! i'd be happy to. happy (well, sad-ish) listening!
and also, since heartbreak seems to be a trend here, if anyone is going through a rough time, i'm always here to talk. love isn't easy and can be a real rollercoaster of emotions., i get it; i'll be here if anyone here needs to talk or vent.
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2018.09.17 17:16 mi-16evil Box Office Week: While it took #1 The Predator flops opening at just $24M. A Simple Favor does okay at #3 with $16M. White Boy Rick underwhelms at #4 with $8.8M. Unbroken: Path to Redemption bombs at #9 with $2.3M. Avengers: Infinity War finally closes to $678M domestic and $2.04B.

Rank Title Domestic Gross (Weekend) Worldwide Gross (Cume) Week # Percentage Change Budget
1 The Predator $24,000,000 $54,727,235 1 N/A $88M
2 The Nun $18,200,000 $228,676,325 2 -66.2% $30M
3 A Simple Favor $16,050,000 $19,550,000 1 N/A $20M
4 White Boy Rick $8,800,000 $8,800,000 1 N/A $29M
5 Crazy Rich Asians $8,700,000 $187,451,904 5 -33.8% $30M
Notable Box Office Stories:
  • The Predator - I think it's safe to say that the extremely bumpy road it took to get The Predator all the way to its weak #1 debut with $24M was probably not worth it. The film, intended to turn The Predator series from cult favorites into a major event series, had the worst live-action debut for a film in 4,000 theaters, beating previous winner The Mummy's record by $7M less. That $24M opening is also just under the the $24.7M opening of the 2010 film Predators but The Predator carries a budget well over 2x that of Predators and has a much more major marketing budget. It also scored a terrible C+ rating on Cinemascore and was critically savaged so don't expect great legs to save this one either. Also didn't help the film came right as the East coast was hit by Hurricane Florence. If there's one film this opening most resembles it's the 2015 film Fantastic Four. Both are films that attempted to relaunch a franchise but studio troubles and creative infighting created messes of movies that ended up opening terribly and getting C+ Cinemascores. At least Fantastic Four though didn't have to deal with openly casting a sexual assaulter, so...that's something. Even before the major controversy everything about The Predator's production seemed to be a nightmare. Shane Black, who is not only a very popular and acclaimed writedirector but also acted in the original Predator, was brought on alongside his old writing partner Fred Dekker to bring this franchise back to life. However it's clear that while Shane Black thought he was making a Shane Black movie, the man who hired hi, John Davis (who's produced every Predator film), thought he was making a John Davis movie. The result by all accounts was a nightmare shoot including an entire rewrite and reshooting of the final action sequence after poor test screenings which ballooned the budget to $88M (and could be more like $100M+ before tax breaks).
  • The Predator (2018) (cont.) - Then of course just a week before the film was to come out it was revealed that one of the stars of the film Olivia Munn discovered a small role in the film was played by Steven Wilder Striegel, a register sex offender who tried to lure a teenage girl online in 2010. Even worse Striegel was Black's friend who he gave the role to, he failed to inform the cast and crew of his conviction, and the role was of a leering harassing man playing opposite Munn who has been vocal about her own abuse in the industry. The blowback was quick and while the scene was cut Black did little to mitigate the situation by first defending his choice and then apologizing a short time later. These sorts of controversies are always tough to gauge on the actual performance of a film but it certainly did the film no favors, not to mention a potentially brewing controversy over the film's bizarre treatment of autism. More importantly these controversies tarnish what little hope there was for the proposed two sequels to be directed by Black. Now The Predator just sits there, a $88M headache that just keeps getting worse. Maybe it'll scrape up enough overseas to get past the point of profitability (with an a reported $120M P&A budget I doubt it) but this whole experience should be a warning sign. Some franchise just aren't meant for the big time and maybe turning them into the next big thing isn't your responsibility. Maybe you should just make a good movie first.
  • A Simple Favor - It's always interesting when a director suddenly changes course on their career and even more interesting when they do it as quietly as Paul Fieg who's latest film A Simple Favor opened at #3 with a solid $16M. Fieg who is notable as a director of big female driven studio comedies like Bridesmaids and Spy decided to follow-up a similar headache inducing production and controversial film that didn't do very well commercially, Ghostbusters (2016), with a much smaller $20M mystery-thriller film. The elegant throwbacky posters and trailers really don't play up Fieg at all, instead focusing on the major cast trio of Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively, and most notably Henry Golding as this is just his first film to come out after his major debut in Crazy Rich Asians (well done him on having his first two films ever being in the top five at the same time). However that wattage didn't really translate to a huge opening and with okay to solid reviews and a B+ Cinemascore this one just isn't going to quite capture that Gone Girl/Girl on the Train beginning of fall magic. A film like that needs a really big splashy debut in some way and this is all just too muddled and quiet to really go anywhere. It will also probably be a blip for Fieg who has such major studio headache inducing titles on his upcoming roster like The Heat 2 and Play-Doh: The Movie (god I wish that last one was a bit).
  • White Boy Rick - It's quite something that almost thirty years after Goodfellas came out so many films are still trying to be the next Goodfellas. Well it seems White Boy Rick probably won't be it, or at very least will have to find its audience outside of the multiplex because the latest true crime film epic opened to a pretty weak $8.8M at #4. The film tells the true of Richard Wershe Jr., who became a major hustler as a young teen and ended up being the youngest FBI informant ever at the age of 14 before ending up with a life sentence for dealing cocaine. While Rick is the main protagonist played by newcomer Richie Merritt, the big name draw was Matthew McConaughey who plays his father. McConaughey has had a tough time recapturing the magic of his 2010-2014 run with major bombs like The Dark Tower and Free State of Jones and never-was like Gold and Sea of Trees. Unfortunately with middling reviews and a weak opening I don't think this will be the one. It's also at an interesting time for its director Yann Damange who by some accounts was set to direct Bond 25, then was fired when Danny Boyle came on, and now may be rehired after Boyle's exit. That's kind of the thing with this film, it's probably more notable as a moment in three careers but as an event itself it really just isn't much of anything. Classic September release.
  • Unbroken: Path to Redemption - There's something about bizarre sequels no one asked for that fascinates me. Max 2, S. Darko, the endless VOD Jarhead sequels. Who makes these and why is often interesting but hard to figure out. So when I saw a poster for Unbroken: Path to Redemption I was deeply intrigued. Who demanded a sequel to Unbroken, the film directed by Angelina Jolie that's most famous as a failed Oscar campaign? Well turns out the first Unbroken was actually more of a passion project for producer Matthew Baer who became fascinated by the true story of Louis Zamperini, an olympic runner who was a POW during World War II who became an evangelist Christian after he returned home from the war, in the 1980s and has been trying to get a film made since. And while Baer could get major talent for his first film the financial and critical disappointment meant for the sequel he would have to rely on that old reliable Christian movie factory Pure Flix and the director of God's Not Dead 1 and 2, Harold Cronk. The results as expected were par for the course for a PureFlix film: awful reviews, bad box office, and a great A rating on Cinemascore. There's not much to the actual box office here but it is fascinating to see these major movies take their sequels to small indie houses. Hey John Davis, maybe the next Predator movie can be about a Predator converting to Christianity. I bet Pure Flix will give you a whole $10 to make it.
Films Reddit Wants to Follow
This is a segment where we keep a weekly tally of currently showing films that aren't in the Top 5 that fellow redditors want updates on. If you'd like me to add a film to this chart, make a comment in this thread.
Title Domestic Gross (Weekly) Domestic Gross (Cume) Worldwide Gross (Cume) Budget Week #
Deadpool 2 $10,320 $318,468,882 $734,198,183 $110M 18
Solo: A Star Wars Story $32,885 $213,765,754 $392,948,012 $275M 17
Incredibles 2 $1,755,520 $605,633,025 $1,183,433,025 $200M 14
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom $560,225 $416,282,080 $1,303,182,080 $170M 13
Ant-Man and the Wasp $814,590 $215,410,791 $617,010,791 $162M 11
Teen Titans Go! To The Movies $264,527 $29,153,577 $48,153,577 $10M 8
Mission: Impossible - Fallout $5,503,570 $216,135,337 $760,935,337 $178M 8
Notable Film Closings
Title Domestic Gross (Cume) Worldwide Gross (Cume) Budget
Avengers: Infinity War $678,807,703 $2,046,435,781 $315M
Tag $54,547,470 $77,747,470 $28M
Uncle Drew $42,469,946 $44,337,320 $18M
As always boxoffice is a great place to share links and other conversations about box office news.
Also you can see the archive of all Box Office Week posts at moviesboxoffice (which have recently been updated).
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2018.09.14 14:05 Anonymous_1-2-3-4-5 MCU Movies Behind the Scenes Facts *Wanted to do this for fun* Day 3: Iron Man 2

So i'm going to go on IMDB and look at each MCU movies behind the scenes facts and POST THE MOST INTERESTING ONES here, I will post each movie a day instead of what I did before where I did 10 posts, I will start with the first Iron Man and each day will be the next MCU movie after it, ending with Guardians 3, I will also do the Netflix Shows, Agents of Shield and Agent Carter


1. Jon Favreau had a lot of friction with the Marvel higher-ups, due to their constant intervention, to the point that they were having him rewrite the script as the film was still shooting. In particular, elements such as the increased prominence of the S.H.I.E.L.D. subplot, were the result of a need to establish the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe in preparation for The Avengers (2012), at the expense of the coherence of the film's own plot. These disputes got so bad, that Favreau turned down directing Iron Man 3 (2013)

2. Scarlett Johansson dyed her hair red before she even got the part of Natasha Romanov, a.k.a. Black Widow, because she wanted the role so badly.

3. (At around fourteen minutes) When first talking with Senator Stern (Garry Shandling), Tony Stark says he would gladly accept the position of Secretary of Defense. In the comics, Tony Stark actually was appointed the Secretary of Defense.

4. Samuel L. Jackson was promised that Nick Fury would be given more screentime by Jon Favreau. Jackson almost didn't return to play Fury due to problems with contract negotiations, but secured a landmark nine-picture deal to play Nick Fury not only in this movie, but in many other Marvel Studio productions.

5. A lot of Whiplash's identifying features were suggested by Mickey Rourke. He wanted to perform half of his role in Russian, and consulted on the character's tattoos and gold teeth, as well as having a pet cockatoo. In fact, Rourke paid for the bird and the gold teeth out of his own pocket.

6. Although Mickey Rourke spent several months on a treadmill and weight training, he initially was still unable to move around and use the whip prop in the Whiplash outfit test, due to its sheer weight. To get around this problem, Rourke would wear heavy vests in subsequent physical training sessions to accustom his body in moving while wearing heavy armor.

7. Not being tech literate, Mickey Rourke found the most challenging part about playing Whiplash was pretending to know his way around a computer.

8. Don Cheadle replaced Terrence Howard as Rhodey, due to a falling out between Howard and Marvel Studios. The two actors worked with each other in Crash (2004).

9. To prepare for her role, Scarlett Johansson trained six weeks before the movie started principal photography and the entire six months of shooting the movie.

10. According to director Jon Favreau, the technology in this film was portrayed as more futuristic: "After the first film, a number of tech companies talked about how uncanny a lot of our depictions of technology had turned out to be, and how many different films and videogames ended up being inspired by the imagery we used. This forced us to go a bit further into the future, and try and change the nature of this technology. If we'd just duplicated what happened in the first one, we would be behind the curve. So now we're dealing with holograms, the interface within the suit, and the suit being upgraded too."

11. Writer Shane Black recommended that Tony Stark's characterization be inspired by J. Robert Oppenheimer, the scientist who led the team that developed the atomic bomb. After witnessing his creation's destructive potential, Oppenheimer defamed himself as "the Destroyer of Worlds" and sank into depression.

12. Robert Downey, Jr. gained twenty pounds of muscle to reprise his role of Tony Stark.

13. Scarlett Johansson had an initial freak-out moment when she first saw her character's catsuit, wondering how she was going to be able to move in such a tight costume.

14. (At around forty-seven minutes) The photo of Ivan being arrested that Tony Stark views in his research is an actual media photo of Mickey Rourke being arrested on a drugs charge when he was younger.

15. According to Mickey Rourke, he carried out a lot of research in Russia choosing what tattoos Ivan Vanko should carry on his body. He wanted authentic Russian tattoos, which would represent Vanko's Russian heritage, prison societies, and special clubs he might be in.

16. Mickey Rourke almost dropped out of the film when Marvel's initial pay offer to him was just $250,000.

17. Numerous news clippings shown in the film show Tony Stark and Ivan Vanko when they were younger men. Most of these are actual photos of Robert Downey, Jr. and Mickey Rourke, both of whom came to fame in the 1980s.

18. (At around twenty-two minutes) According to Jon Favreau, the Asian man who hands Vanko false papers, in order to get to Monaco, is a member of the Ten Rings, the terrorist organization Stark encountered in the first film. This organization is reportedly headed by Iron Man's nemesis, the Mandarin.

19. When Marvel first hired Samuel L. Jackson to play Nick Fury in the first two Iron Man movies, they wanted to keep it very secret. They actually drove Samuel's car onto the middle of the set, and they surrounded it with dressing trailers so that no one could see him get out of the car, and get into character, until Iron Man (2008) was released in theaters.

20. (At around one hour and thirty minutes) The dance Sam Rockwell (Justin Hammer) does before presenting the drones at the Expo was improvised, and something he does to help himself get into character. It may also be a nod to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who was known for his energetic stage presence.

21. Tony Stark's race car at Monaco was supposed to be Iron Man red, but Robert Downey, Jr. insisted on driving the blue and white car.

22. Hammer's factory is really Elon Musk's SpaceX facility in Hawthorne, California. The people walking in the background are actual employees, even though filming took place at night.

23. Kenneth Branagh directed the post-credits scene that sets up Thor (2011).

24. To prepare for his role as Ivan Vanko, a.k.a. Whiplash, Mickey Rourke paid a visit to Butyrka Prison, Moscow: "I tried to incorporate the whole Russian philosophy. It's a culture of its own, and I really enjoyed doing the research, and meeting the people, and they were very gracious there at the prison." Rourke also commented that Vanko's dialogue is in a Slovakian accent.

25. It has been confirmed by actor Tom Holland, who plays Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Kevin Feige, that his character appeared in the movie, and was the little boy at the Stark Expo wearing the Iron Man helmet when the expo is attacked by Hammer Tech drones.

26. Mickey Rourke complained that many of his scenes were cut, especially scenes that provided more character development for Ivan Vanko.

27. In the comics, Tony Stark possesses a suitcase containing a portable suit of armor. This famous "suitcase armor" has been revised for the film. The suitcase converts into a series of plates that slide over a wire framework.

28. The year in which Anton Vanko is said to have defected to the U.S., 1963, is actually the year in which Vanko first appeared in the comics (as the Crimson Dynamo) and defected.

29. Tony Stark refers to the suitcase armor as "the football", a reference to the briefcase with nuclear launch codes that accompanies a U.S. President.

30. Though Black Widow is a Russian, she is given an American accent for the films, as the character is a flawless linguist.

31. In the comics, Justin Hammer was a shrewd but elderly businessman. He was re-worked as a younger character in the film, to make him a contemporary rival to Tony Stark. The original purpose of the character in the comics was to explain why the various enemies Iron Man fought somehow gained unique and extremely advanced weapons, but usually kept them for themselves to commit violent crimes instead of making money by bringing them to market. Iron Man eventually discovers the reason is because Hammer gives the weapons to various criminals as part of their contracts to become his mercenaries, with the agreement that they hand over a percentage of the loot from their crimes.

32. Terrence Howard was replaced in the part of Rhodes for no perceived reason. The actor claimed that his contract wasn't honored. Entertainment Weekly stated that director Jon Favreau did not enjoy working with him, often re-shooting or cutting his scenes. There was also speculation that Marvel had gone to Howard asking him to accept a pay cut for appearing in this movie, as Howard had been the first actor cast for Iron Man (2008), he was paid the most.

33. According to Don Cheadle, he tried to make the role of Stark's right-hand man Rhodes his own, but eventually stole as much as possible from Terrence Howard's performance in the first film to bring him to life.

34. (At around three minutes) One of the very few Marvel Cinematic Universe films that has a full opening credits sequence, which plays over footage of Ivan Vanko building an arc reactor.

35. (At around fifty-eight minutes) Near the end of Tony Stark's fight with Rhodes, he says "You wanna be the War Machine? Then take your shot!" This is an homage to War Machine, Rhodes' superhero alias in the comics.

36. In an interview with MTV.com, Don Cheadle revealed that before Iron Man (2008) was released, he thought the hero was a robot.

37. Sam Rockwell, who was one of the original choices for the role of Tony Stark in Iron Man (2008), plays Stark's antagonist Justin Hammer in the film.

38. Sam Rockwell accepted the role of Hammer without even reading the script, as he had enjoyed filming Made (2001) with Jon Favreau, while screenwriter Justin Theroux is a long-time friend of Rockwell's.

39. The character of Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke) is a combination of Iron Man's enemy the Crimson Dynamo (Dr. Vanko, who wears weaponry and armor that can control electricity), and the supervillain Whiplash (who possesses a specially designed razor and acid whip). In addition, the character is portrayed as the son of Anton Vanko, who was the original Crimson Dynamo in the comics, and assumes the identity of B. Turgenev (Boris Turgenev, in the comics, the second Crimson Dynamo).

40. Tony making Pepper the CEO of Stark Industries is taken from The Invincible Iron Man comic, though under different circumstances.

41. (At around one hour and twenty-nine minutes) When Hammer starts berating Ivan for failing to complete the drones, Vanko replies in Russian to Hammer's frustration. Vanko's comment roughly translates to "you talk too much."

42. Don Cheadle only had a few hours to accept the role of Rhodes. Although a comic book fan, Cheadle had never made one before due to the lack of black superheroes in the comic book universe.

43. Jessica Biel, Gemma Arterton, Natalie Portman, Jessica Alba, and Angelina Jolie were considered for the role of Natasha Romanov a.k.a. Black Widow. Alba played Susan Storm in the first Fantastic Four film franchise, and Portman played Jane Foster in Thor (2011) and Thor: The Dark World (2013).

44. Emily Blunt was set to star as Natasha Romanov a.k.a. Black Widow, but had to pull out due to scheduling conflicts with her movie Gulliver's Travels (2010).

45. The layout, and many of the buildings of "Stark Expo 1974", were based on the 1964-65 New York World's Fair. In the Expo promo film outtakes shown in the movie, young Tony Stark picks up the Bell System Pavilion.

46. Tanner Foust took the role of driving Stark's racing car.

47. The part of Tony Stark getting drunk at his birthday party in the film is an homage to the comics where Stark has a recurring problem with alcoholism.

48. Mickey Rourke's Oscar-nominated performance in The Wrestler (2008) was the main reason why the producers wanted him to play Vanko.

49. (At around one hour and fifty-five minutes) The medals presented to Rhodes (Don Cheadle) and Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) at the end of the movie are actual military medals: Rhodes is awarded a Meritorious Service Medal, and Stark is awarded the Army's Distinguished Service Medal.
50. This is Scarlett Johansson's third foray into comic book films. Her previous comic book films were Ghost World (2001) and The Spirit (2008), in which her character worked for the Octopus (played by Samuel L. Jackson). In this film, Johansson is again working under Jackson (as Nick Fury). Johansson had earlier expressed interest in playing the Marvel supervillain Moonstone.

51. This is the only film where Tony Stark is called by his legal name "Anthony Stark". Justin Hammer addresses Tony Stark as "Anthony Stark" twice in the movie.

52. Robert Downey, Jr. recommended Justin Theroux (who wrote Tropic Thunder (2008)) to Jon Favreau, to write the script.

53. The vintage automobiles seen in Stark's private collection, the 1953 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe by Ghia, once owned by Rita Hayworth (a present from Prince Aly Khan); a 1949 Mercury "lead sled" customized by Sam Barris (brother of George Barris, was provided by the Petersen Automotive Museum. The 1932 Ford flathead Roadster belonged to director Jon Favreau.

54. This film has cameos for two actresses that co-starred in movies based on Marvel Comic characters. Kate Mara plays a U.S. Marshal that serves Tony Stark with papers. She played Susan Storm in Fantastic Four (2015). Also making a cameo is Olivia Munn, who plays the television show presenter at the Stark Expo. Munn starred as Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse (2016).

55. The new element Stark creates comes from the Zeeman effect (a magnetic field) and the Stark effect (static electric fields).

56. In total, eleven different visual effects companies worked on the film.

57. (At around one hour and thirty minutes) As Justin Hammer is introducing each group of Hammer Drones, the anthem of each respective branch of the military plays in the background: The U.S. Army's "The Army Goes Rolling Along (The Caisson Song)", the U.S. Navy's "Anchors Aweigh", the U.S. Air Force's "The U.S. Air Force (Into the Wild Blue Yonder)", and the U.S. Marine Corps' "Marines' Hymn".

58. Al Pacino was considered for the role of Justin Hammer.

59. Chapter Three of Phase One in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

60. Tony Stark's artificial intelligence "J.A.R.V.I.S." stands for "Just A Rather Very Intelligent System".

61. During Stark's birthday party, partygoers begin throwing items into the air for a drunk Stark (suited up as Iron Man) to blast. One girl throws a watermelon, and Stark comments "Oh, you want the Gallagher?" This is a reference to Gallagher, whose famous Sledge-O-Matic comedy routine splatters produce (usually juicy items, like watermelons and tomatoes) onto the front rows of the audience.

62. Jon Favreau's first sequel as a director, and as an actor.

63. Five authentic vintage formula one race cars were used in the Monaco race. Among them is a 1976 Lotus type 77 owned by collector Chris Locke. In the starting list of drivers shown on the television, one of the drivers names is Locke while another is Chapman, after Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus and their F1 team manager until his death in 1982.

64. Composer John Debney recorded the score in only four days.

65. Renowned animator Genndy Tartakovsky was hired to storyboard the film's action sequences.

66. The idea of being poisoned by the suit is a reference to the Mark XVI in the comics, where Tony had to abandon it because it created health problems.

67. The first appearance in the cinematic Marvel comic book universe of Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow.

68. Edward Norton was rumored to reprise his The Incredible Hulk (2008) role as Bruce Banner, in a cameo for this film, as a foreshadowing of The Avengers (2012).

69. Eliza Dushku actively campaigned for the role of Natasha Romanov a.k.a. Black Widow.

70. According to the January 2012 Air & Space Magazine, Tony Stark's character was also inspired by South African-born (SpaceX and PayPal co-founder) Elon Musk. A statue of Iron Man, complete with company ID, "stands guard" at SpaceX, along with a Battlestar Galactica (2004) Cylon.

71. Tim Robbins was considered to play Howard Stark, Tony's father. Robbins appeared as a father character in Green Lantern (2011), a superhero film based on a DC Comics character.

72. Six Formula One cars were provided by the Historic Grand Prix Association.

73. Sam Rockwell (Justin Hammer) and Leslie Bibb (Christine Everhart) have been in a relationship since about 2008. In this movie, they play against their real-life romance, as journalist Everhart is especially unimpressed by Hammer, both as a potential romantic partner and as a story for her magazine.

74. The film's plot has a resemblance to a storyline in the comics called "Armor Wars II", which was published in 1990. In the comic, a man named Kearson DeWitt accused Tony Stark of stealing his father's designs, and uses technology given to him by Desmond and Phoebe Marrs, owners of the Marrs Corporation, to infect Tony with a techno-organic virus, and eventually battles Stark in a large armored suit. James Rhodes also helps Stark in the final battle. In the film, DeWitt is replaced by Ivan Vanko, and the Marrs siblings are replaced with Justin Hammer. The comic story also utilized remote-controlled empty armored suits, which appear in Iron Man 3 (2013).

75. (At around fourteen minutes) Tony is surprised to see Rhodey (Don Cheadle) at the Senate hearing. Rhodey says to Tony, "Look, it's me. I'm here. Deal with it. Let's move on." This is not only Rhodey speaking to Tony, but could also be perceived as Cheadle speaking subliminally to the viewers making a fuss about Rhodes being re-cast between Iron Man (2008) and this movie.

76. Principal photography took place over seventy-one days.

77. The only solo Iron Man film (as opposed to superhero team up films) that doesn't end (post-credit scenes excluded) with Tony Stark saying "I am Iron Man".

78. Features two Oscar winners: Gwyneth Paltrow and Sam Rockwell; and four Oscar nominees: Robert Downey, Jr., Don Cheadle, Mickey Rourke, and Samuel L. Jackson.

79. CAMEO: DJ AM: (At around fifty-three minutes) The D.J. at Tony's birthday party is DJ-AM, who died after principal photography had wrapped, making this his last film project. During the end credits, the film is dedicated to him.

80. CAMEO: Elon Musk: (At around twenty-seven minutes) Musk was introduced to Stark in the restaurant in Monaco.

81. CAMEO: Stan Lee: (At around ten minutes) The man wearing suspenders, who Stark identifies as Larry King.

82. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), Garry Shandling reprised the role of Senator Stern. In Winter Soldier, it is revealed that Stern is a sleeper Agent of Hydra, which explains why the character was trying so hard to take Tony Stark's Iron Man suits and technology in this movie.

83. Scenes in the film explicitly foreshadow The Avengers (2012): -When Tony goes through his father's case, an old Captain America comic book can be seen inside. Later, he uses Captain America's shield (a prototype) to build a reactor. -When Tony is watching the old reels of his father, and going through his notebooks, one of the sketches is of a Tesseract, drawn in the form of a so-called "Schlegel diagram". The Tesseract is a very important item in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) and The Avengers (2012). -News report of The Incredible Hulk (2008)'s campus battle is seen near the end of the film. -Stark and Fury discuss Stark's membership throughout the film. -Agent Coulson finds Thor's hammer in a crater in the post-credits scene.

84. The film's basic storyline (Stark must cope with the government confiscating his armor, and a mid-life crisis of depression and alcoholism, with his manipulative rival Justin Hammer scheming to ruin him) is inspired by the Iron Man comic "Demon in a Bottle".

85. The map locations on the monitors in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters at the end, correspond to characters and events from the Marvel Comic books. The location in Africa, is a reference to Black Panther. Other locations refer to Thor, Captain America, Hulk, and others.

86. The post credit scene shows Mjolnir, a hammer in the open land of New Mexico. Teasing the next film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor (2011).

87. The film takes place 13 years after Captain Marvel (2019).
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2018.09.11 01:32 Carlislegendary TIFF 2018 Dispatch: Share Her Journey

TIFF 2018 Dispatch: Share Her Journey

Gala premiere of Denis’s High Life
During the festival’s opening weekend, TIFF throws a block party on King Street, outside its headquarters at the Lightbox Theatre. Festival Street, as it’s dubbed, is a four day celebration of film, closing part of King Street to vehicle access and opening the space up for foot traffic and easy access to the biggest venues. The Princess of Wales Theatre and Roy Thomson Hall, where the Gala Presentations are held, are both on King Street and form the party’s beating heart.
Walking west from University Avenue, past the huge TIFF sign, you’ll find all sorts of food trucks and kiosks from major festival sponsors, from pop-up French cafés to automobile showcases. King Street’s recent revitalizations have transformed the space into a more pedestrian friendly neighbourhood, with various artistic installations and spaces to rest and relax. Festival Street has taken advantage of this and feels cozier than ever, with people lounging around or beating the heat with a cold drink on one of the many restaurant patios that have that sprawled out onto the street.
The big event this year was the Share Her Journey rally, to promote the recent initiative undertaken by the TIFF Group. Share Her Journey is “a five-year commitment to increasing participation, skills, and opportunities for women behind and in front of the camera.” The rally, held on Festival Street on Saturday, September 8th, saw hundreds of people (and thousands more online) show up to support women in filmmaking and hear from a variety of speakers. Filmmakers Nandita Das and Amma Assante, and actors such as Geena Davis, Amanda Brugel and Mia Kirshner—also the co-founder of #AfterMeToo—were in attendance and spoke to the audience. The speakers discussed strategies for improvement and reform, but inspirational messages were tempered by the reality of the industry’s slow pace of progress—or in some cases, seeming unwillingness to change.
This was underscored most directly and shockingly by the sudden controversy at the festival surrounding Shane Black’s The Predator. While speakers at the Share Her Journey rally were calling for men to stand up and do their part, to support and validate the women they work with, Olivia Munn was being abandoned by her male co-stars. I had only just heard about the film’s deleted scene—Fox removed a scene featuring Munn and Steven Wilder Striegel, a registered sex offender, at the eleventh hour—when I was walking to the theatre for the film’s premiere, but didn’t think much of it at the time. Okay, so they cut him out, and that’s that, right? Well, it was Munn who discovered the fact and was uncomfortable with how everything was being handled, and it was Munn who spoke up and was suddenly finding herself alone at scheduled press interviews here in Toronto. One of her male co-stars apparently walked out of an interview, and for The Hollywood Reporter, Munn showed up entirely alone, nearly fighting back tears to explain why nobody else was there.
The core message of the Share Her Journey movement is to lift women up, and that’s work that requires everyone, at every level, and even the smallest of gestures. Credit where credit is due for the TIFF Group, because they’ve been supporting women long before the announcement of their new five-year strategy. TIFF has been seeking out and promoting female voices in cinema for years, pushing the number of female-directed films in their programming up and up, to 35% this year. There’s plenty more work to do, but that’s already more representation than any other film festival in the world. As a regular attendee, I’ve tried to follow the call, seeking out films directed by women at every opportunity. It’s what led me to Rafiki on opening night here at TIFF and to other great films in the past, like Zama and The Rider, which I saw at TIFF last year. And it’s what led me now to The Crossing, the debut feature from Chinese filmmaker Bai Xue.

The Crossing, the debut feature from Chinese filmmaker Bai Xue.
The Crossing is the opening film for the Discovery program, TIFF’s selection of debut and sophomore features from new filmmakers across the globe. It stars Huang Yao as Peipei, a young girl who crosses the border between China and Hong Kong every day, caught between two worlds. Peipei lives with her mother in China and goes to school and visits her father in Hong Kong. While skipping school one day to go party with friends, she suddenly and randomly winds up involved in smuggling. Not only does she revel in the thrill, she proves surprisingly adept.
The Crossing succeeds on the strength of Huang Yo’s performance and the unique insight it provides into the world of smuggling operations between China and Hong Kong, but I was hoping for a lot more. Keeping the focus on Peipei and the events she experiences is a fine dramatic strategy, but this also allows it to tiptoe around more contentious political issues. There’s a lot more that could have been done with this story, and while Bai Xue directs her actors well, she stumbles a bit developing narrative threads, and a surprising mid-credit scene is just another clumsy stab at symbolism to add to the first ending. The film reminded me of Flora Lau’s Bends, which I saw at TIFF in 2013. It was also a feature debut, and also explores these borders (albeit not smuggling), the only other film I can think of that does, but Lau’s film is more politically charged, more stylistically ambitious, and ultimately more memorable. (I’m still waiting for Lau to make another film.)
There’s one woman in particular that TIFF is celebrating this year, and that’s acclaimed French auteur Claire Denis. One of the greatest film artists of our time (I will fight you to the death if you disagree), Denis has just been announced as the recipient of this year’s Roger Ebert Golden Thumb Award. As part of the Festival Street activities, TIFF is also hosting some free outdoor screenings, and among them is Denis’s first film, Chocolat, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary. The TIFF Cinematheque owns a 35mm print of the film, which I have been fortunate enough to see screened before. It’s a revelation of a film, powerful and fully-formed in the way debuts typically aren’t, beautiful and rich in symbolism. It helped put Isaach De Bankolé on the map, and for good reason.
But the main event is the red carpet Gala premiere of Denis’s newest film, High Life. Denis is no stranger to genre; her 2001 horror film, Trouble Every Day, has been screened repeatedly as part of TIFF’s year-round programming, and it’s always worth catching again and again. I derive a sort of sick pleasure in witnessing new audiences experience the profoundly disturbing journey of that film for the first time. High Life is still a first, however, as Denis has never tackled a science-fiction film before. And in doing so, she has crafted one of the most fearsome, ferocious, muscular and uncompromising works of her career.
High Life is clumsy at times, stilted and bewildering at others, owing in part perhaps to it being her first English-language production. But as it builds, it overwhelms, and exposition finally gives way to one of the most fractured, baffling and astonishing movie experiences of the year. I’ve already heard people calling it divisive. Throwing Denis at the Gala audience was certainly a bold move; let’s just say, a lot of people didn’t stick around. Denis’s cinema, in the words of TIFF co-head Cameron Bailey, who introduced the film last night, is free. It never conforms to expectations. It’s singular and unapologetic, and it doesn’t give a fuck. Denis, speaking of one of the production partners on the film, claimed the man hated her. But, she added, who cares? That’s the kind of attitude that casts heartthrob Robert Pattinson in a science-fiction film, and then turns in a finished product that makes Trouble Every Day look quaint, and causes the most audience walkouts I’ve seen during TIFF since Albert Serra’s Birdsong in 2008. Coincidentally, both great films!
I couldn’t possibly unpack the film after a single viewing, but I’m going to write something, because this madness is nothing if not inspiring. Look for my full review of High Life later in the week. Check back all week for more festival dispatches—and go read Dispatch #1 and Dispatch #2 for my perspectives. Opening weekend will fast become a distant memory, but there’s still a full week of films rushing up to meet us, and I’ve still got a world premiere from another of my favorites, Mia Hansen-Løve, coming up.
The 43rd Toronto International Film Festival runs from September 6th to 16th, 2018. visit us for more coverage and classic film reviews atFilmEra and once again thank you Truefilm for being a great community!
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2017.11.01 15:55 autotldr After Brett Ratner Harassment Claims, Warner Bros. States That They Are Reviewing The Situation

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 43%. (I'm a bot)
In light of allegations that Brett Ratner sexually harassed and forced himself on at least six women, Warner Bros.
Ratner has a first-look deal at the studio and also is a partner in the RatPac-Dune Entertainment slate financing facility that covers a broad swath of Warner Bros.
According to an LA Times story that broke this morning, the director-producer has been accused of sexual assault or harassment by six women, including actresses Olivia Munn and Natasha Henstridge, who detailed their experiences with Ratner to the newspaper.
The actress, then a 19-year-old model, was hanging out with the then-music video director watching TV. Henstridge fell asleep, she told the Times, and when she woke up the others had left and she was alone with Ratner.
The studio finds itself in the middle of a PR headache right as it is about to be acquired by AT&T. Its relationship to Ratner was solidified in 2013, when Warners struck a $450 million slate financing deal with Ratner, James Packer and now U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin as well as silent investors like the Koch brothers and Bill Gates.
"I have represented Mr. Ratner for two decades, and no woman has ever made a claim against him for sexual misconduct or sexual harassment," Singer wrote to The Times in a 10-page letter.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Ratner#1 Times#2 Warner#3 sexual#4 Henstridge#5
Post found in /movies.
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2017.06.08 13:14 feedreddit THROWDOWN THURSDAY: COMEY’s legacy day -- TRUMP leaves hole in schedule during hearing -- THE RNC’S TALKING POINTS and 'suggested tweets' for today’s big event -- SPOTTED at Trump Int’l hotel -- B’DAY: Barbara Bush

THROWDOWN THURSDAY: COMEY’s legacy day -- TRUMP leaves hole in schedule during hearing -- THE RNC’S TALKING POINTS and 'suggested tweets' for today’s big event -- SPOTTED at Trump Int’l hotel -- B’DAY: Barbara Bush
by [email protected] (Daniel Lippman) via POLITICO - TOP Stories
URL: http://ift.tt/2sGvpuR
Listen to the Playbook Audio Briefinghttp://bit.ly/2shUq2o ... Subscribe on iTuneshttp://apple.co/2eX6Eay ... Visit the online home of Playbookhttp://politi.co/2f51Jnf
Good Thursday morning. GET READY FOR THROWDOWN THURSDAY. James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intel Committee starts at 10 a.m. Today all the networks and all the cables will be live -- with a few of them offering up live streams for free online. And if James Comey’s much buzzed about statement is any indication of his savvy and willingness to dish, Trump will be more than tweeting today. He’ll be seething. Comey’s statementhttp://bit.ly/2rMG1bK
FOLLOW POLITICO’s two reporters in the hearing room (Hart 216) today: Josh Gerstein (@joshgerstein) and Kyle Cheney (@kyledcheney).
THE PRESIDENT’S THURSDAY -- Trump speaks at the Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to the Majority Conference at 12:15 p.m., and then will host governors and mayors at the White House for an infrastructure summit at 3:30.
-- NOTES: The president has nothing before his 12:15 speech. Some of the newsiest bits of the hearing will be at the top. THE PRESS BRIEFING TODAY is with Sarah Huckabee Sanders and it will be off camera. Speaker Paul Ryan is holding his weekly press conference at 11:30 a.m. today in the Capitol.
REMEMBER THIS -- Comey isn’t constrained by traditional political considerations. Today will shape his legacy. Our reporting tells us that members of Congress don’t expect him to accuse the president of a crime, but expect him to be extremely open about what transpired behind closed doors. We are told that he will, at times, go beyond what he wrote in his statement.
**SUBSCRIBE to Playbook:http://politi.co/2lQswbh
THE BIG PICTURE -- NYT, A18 -- “Comey’s Political Shrewdness Is on Display in Tussle With Trump,” by Peter Baker and Glenn Thrush: “The morning, at least, seemed to go reasonably well for President Trump. He announced a new F.B.I. director, and two intelligence chiefs told Congress the president had never pressured them to interfere in the investigation into Russian election meddling.
“And then James B. Comey … dropped the hammer. By authorizing the immediate release of the opening statement he plans to give in his much anticipated appearance before a congressional committee on Thursday, he instantly changed the conversation back to his assertion that the president tried to shut down part of the F.B.I. investigation.
“Mr. Trump may be relatively new to Washington, but Mr. Comey is not. A savvy veteran of the capital who has worked in high positions in multiple administrations, he has usually emerged on top in any internal power struggle. And in the month since his dismissal, Mr. Comey has shown why presidents are normally loath to fire F.B.I. directors.” http://nyti.ms/2sGpeXF
THE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE sent an email at 9:56 p.m. last night to people around town with the subject line: “Talking Points and Digital Packet for Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing.” The first item under “top takeaway” is “President Trump feels completely and totally vindicated by Former FBI Director James Comey’s opening testimony and is eager to move forward.” It includes a “suggested tweets” section. The RNC talking pointshttp://politi.co/2sGgWPA … WSJ: RNC says they’ve dedicated 60 aides to the pushback effort. http://on.wsj.com/2s6pNx0
THE COUNTER ATTACK -- “West Wing aides fearful of directly attacking Comey: The White House has outsourced its counter-messaging effort during Comey’s testimony, as aides try to avoid more personal legal risk,” by Matt Nussbaum, Josh Dawsey, Darren Samuelsohn and Tara Palmeri: “‘It’s fair to say a storm is coming,’ one administration source said. ‘We’re boarding up the windows for the impending hurricane.’ ... The [RNC] is taking the lead in the response and has prepared a surrogate operation. ... Two former Trump White House officials — former deputy chief of staff Katie Walsh and former communications director Mike Dubke — are helping coordinate the effort. Press secretary Sean Spicer was at the RNC on Wednesday as preparations took place. ... For official comment, the White House has directed all questions to the office of Trump’s outside counsel, Marc Kasowitz.
“Kasowitz’s office, in turn, has directed inquiries to Emily Thall, the law firm’s director of business development and marketing. On Tuesday, Thall declined to comment in a brief conversation with POLITICO about Comey testimony. By Wednesday, inquiries to Thall were met with an automatic response: She would be out of the office on vacation until next week. By Wednesday night, Kasowitz’s firm had retained longtime political communications pro Mark Corallo to handle media inquiries.” http://politi.co/2rY3CYY
QUOTE OF THE DAY – From the quadruple-byline story: “White House aides are trying to keep Trump busy Thursday morning with meetings so he won’t watch TV and tweet during the hearing. ‘But if he wants to watch it, it’s not like we can say, ‘oh, the TV doesn’t work,’’ one official said.”
HOW IT’S PLAYING -- HUFFPOST banner, “COMEY BEFORE THE STORM” … DRUDGE as of 6 a.m., “MAY DAY” (about the UK election) … N.Y. POST, “‘I EXPECT LOYALTY’” http://nyp.st/2sGrBtM … N.Y. DAILY NEWS, “DON’S PLEA: COVERUP” http://nydn.us/2simZwi … EVEN TMZ IS IN ON THE ACTION -- They have videos of Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) (http://bit.ly/2qYQTBX) and Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) (http://bit.ly/2s7kyNv).
FUN READ -- “‘Must-See TV’: Free Drinks and Canceled Meetings for Comey’s Testimony,” by NYT’s Mike Grynbaum and Katie Rogers: “By the time details from Mr. Comey’s prepared remarks surfaced on Wednesday ... the hearing had leapt from Beltway curiosity to required viewing, a cliffhanger episode of the nation’s real-life reality show. … At Union Pub in Washington, a sports bar steps from the Hart Senate Office Building, bartenders plan to dole out a free round of Budweisers or bourbon shots every time Mr. Trump blasts out a tweet. For those wondering: No, there will not be a limit. ‘We’ll give out 20 rounds’ if the president tweets 20 times, Ashley Saunders, the bar’s general manager, said.” http://nyti.ms/2rXKSc3
THIS TOWN -- “White-collar lawyers see opportunity in Trump scandals,” by Darren Samuelsohn and Andrew Restuccia: “More than a dozen attorneys and crisis communications specialists have already started working for Trump associates touched by the unfolding Russia scandal, according to a POLITICO tally. People close to the probes say that number is only expected to grow as more than 20 other senior campaign aides and White House officials begin receiving subpoenas, grand jury summons and other requests from special counsel Robert Mueller as well as congressional committees.” http://politi.co/2qYR2Wa
ACROSS THE POND -- BRITISH ELECTION TODAY -- “Polls open in UK election after campaign marred by attacks,” by AP’s Danica Kirka in London: “Polling stations opened across Britain on Thursday for national elections, amid heightened security worries following a series of terror attacks in what one senior police official described as ‘unprecedented times.’ The public is being asked to be alert and to report concerns to police as voters choose 650 lawmakers for the House of Commons. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D’Orsi acknowledged concerns about Thursday’s general election.” http://apne.ws/2qYLB9t
ANNIE KARNI:THE FIRST FAMILY -- “Melania Trump set to make her D.C. move next week: Staffers hope the first lady will be a stabilizing presence in a White House that's been consumed by scandal and infighting”: “With the school year over, first lady Melania Trump and the couple’s son Barron are expected to finally make their official move to Washington on June 14, according to people familiar with the planning. ... Over the past few weeks, the often stiff-in-her-role first lady has been spending more time in the White House, building out her East Wing staff, preparing the residence for the family and slowly increasing her schedule of public events. ... [T]he June 14 date is seen as a major marker on the White House calendar — when the first lady puts away the full matching set of Louis Vuitton luggage that she travels with and settles in for good.” With cameos by Sam Nunberg, Chris Ruddy and Anita McBridehttp://politi.co/2simMJL
-- US WEEKLY COVER:“IVANKA TAKES A STAND … WHY I DISAGREE WITH MY DAD” (h/t Brian Stelter). Online header to the story: “How Ivanka Trump Influences Her Father Donald Trump” The coverhttp://bit.ly/2rYjUkz ... The storyhttp://usm.ag/2rYva0u
CAPITOL HILL WATCH -- “Trump ‘all in’ on Senate Obamacare repeal,” by Burgess Everett and Josh Dawsey: “At a meeting with congressional leaders on Tuesday, Trump urged Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to follow through on an aggressive timetable for repealing the law in order to quickly turn to tax reform and help avoid a calamitous autumn full of key fiscal deadlines, according to multiple sources familiar with the meeting.” http://politi.co/2rOpxzU
-- IT’S IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Senators don’t like being told by Trump, or really any president, about how to run the Senate. While Republican senators have been working their way through how to pass a health care bill, GOPers across the ideological spectrum have been pessimistic about legislation actually passing. But most insiders note: don’t count out Mitch McConnell.
-- SPOTTED LAST NIGHT AT TRUMP INTERNATIONAL HOTEL: Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin with Tom Barrack, Vincent DeVito, Brandon Clark, Andrew Giuliani, Corey Lewandowski, Nick Owens, Lynne Patton, Jason Osborne, Jerry Pierce and Tim Rupli.
-- FIRST IN PLAYBOOK -- MoveOn will formally call for impeachment proceedings this morning in anticipation of the Comey hearing.
-- SEN. AL FRANKEN’s book, “Al Franken, Giant of the Senate,” is No. 1 on the upcoming June 18 NYT non-fiction best-sellers list, while William McRaven’s “Make Your Bed,” is also number one on the on the “Advice, How-to and Miscellaneous” list. http://politi.co/2qYttNa
-- “McConnell groups backing Luther Strange to run $2.4M in ads starting next week,” by AL.com’s Howard Koplowitz in Birmingham, Alabama: “Two groups connected to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have bought a combined $2.4 million in ads buys blanketing Alabama television and radio stations with ads supporting Sen. Luther Strange.” http://bit.ly/2r8rTHR
-- THE NRCC reported another $545,541 in spending against Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s 6th congressional district.
DRAIN THE SWAMP! -- “Trump White House lacks waivers for longtime lobbyists: Critics are questioning whether White House officials with broad portfolios can truly steer clear of conflicts of interest,” by Theo Meyer: “At least a half-dozen former lobbyists are working in President Donald Trump’s White House even though they haven’t received waivers from the administration’s ethics rules, raising questions about how much the rules do to prevent conflicts of interest. ...
“The Trump administration has granted exemptions from the rules for a handful of staffers, as President Barack Obama’s administration did. But at least six former lobbyists now working in the White House haven’t received such waivers, meaning they must recuse themselves internally from any issue where they have conflicts, according to the White House. ... Five of the lobbyists POLITICO identified who haven’t received waivers work in Pence’s office.” http://politi.co/2sicWYj
NEW TIME COVER -- “The Swamp Hotel: How Trump’s D.C. outpost became a dealmaker’s paradise for diplomats, lobbyists and insiders,” by Alex Altman: “[The hotel] is the new town square in Donald Trump’s Washington. Tourists perch on the blue velvet sofas in the lobby, snapping cell-phone pictures as power players stream across the dark marble floors and cream carpets: international businessmen, Republican operatives, wealthy donors, foreign diplomats, former Trump campaign aides, the occasional Administration official. That’s partly because a President who once promised to ‘drain the swamp’ of influence peddling now owns the city’s newest bog.” http://ti.me/2s72K5i ... See the coverhttp://bit.ly/2s5AkbA
HISTORY LESSON -- “The Greatest Hearings in American History: James Comey’s testimony joins the pantheon of dramatic congressional moments,” by Joshua Zeitz in POLITICO Magazine: “This isn’t the first – and it won’t be the last – time that congressional testimony captured the nation’s imagination. From the Army-McCarthy hearings of 1954 to the Iran Contra hearings in 1987, House and Senate committees have held ordinary citizens in rapt attention. ... Comey’s testimony is in this sense an absolutely American phenomenon.” http://politi.co/2rY5nFI
NICK SCHMIDLE in The New Yorker, “James Comey’s Intellectual History”: “Comey has told associates that he never tried to lure Trump into improprieties. ‘It wasn’t like Jim was going to the Mob boss, all wired up, trying to secretly extract a confession,’ one associate told me. Yet, in Comey’s view, Trump’s behavior toward him repeatedly crossed the line, making him ‘an obstructor.’ Based on Comey’s prepared remarks, his Senate testimony will lay the basis for this legal claim, without explicitly making the charge. His testimony is likely to be supremely assured. A senior intelligence official said of Comey, ‘He likes the stage. He takes politicians’ questions apart. He loves the fact that he’s smarter than them.’” http://bit.ly/2sGe9pz
RICH LOWRY, “Comey’s fizzle”: “The document has considerable entertainment value in its dead-pan account of a profound mismatch, a Washington buddy movie gone bad. It’s a tale of a bureaucratically agile and self-serving careerist matched against an institutionally ignorant and self-serving outsider. One is careful, memorializing every conversation and calculating his every more; the other is blundering around in the dark — and eventually blows the whole thing up.” http://politi.co/2rNXfFB
BEYOND THE BELTWAY -- “GOP candidate [Ashley Moody] for Florida Attorney general once sued Donald Trump in federal fraud case,” by Florida Playbooker Marc Caputo: http://politi.co/2rOO1Jn
THE INNOVATION ISSUE: In a month long Special Report, POLITICO’s The Agenda takes a deep look at the surprising new politics of innovation, and ideas for how to drive it in a new era. Check out a piece by Nancy Scola on how AOL founder Steve Case became the first call for lawmakers who want to bring innovation to the heartland (http://politi.co/2rOKFFW); a critical look by Arthur Allen at Challenge.gov, the federal government’s prize competition designed to spur innovation (http://politi.co/2sWpDom); and Kevin Kosar writes on the surprisingly innovative history of the U.S. Post Office (http://politi.co/2r4Xyij), which was long on the forefront of technology before turning into a lesson in what “not” to do. The full issuehttp://politi.co/2s70tqQ
MEDIAWATCH -- Greg “Gianforte to give $50,000 to press freedom group after assaulting reporter,” by Hadas Gold: “‘I write to express my sincere apology for my conduct on the evening of May 24. My physical response to your legitimate question was unprofessional, unacceptable, and unlawful,’ Gianforte (R-Mont.) wrote in a letter [to Ben Jacobs]. ‘As both a candidate for office and a public official, I should be held to a high standard in my interactions with the press and the public. My treatment of you did not meet that standard.’” http://politi.co/2r4iKVs ... The letterhttp://politi.co/2shUdMh
SPOTTED -- Rep. Joe Courtney (D-Conn.) at the U.S. Navy Memorial last night, celebrating the launch of a new book by Admiral James Stavridis (USN, ret.), “Sea Power: The History and Geopolitics of the World’s Oceans”
REMEMBERING VIC GOLD – WaPo’s Matt Schudel: “Vic Gold, a high-powered and sometimes high-strung Republican political strategist who served as the press secretary for Vice President Spiro T. Agnew and who wrote books with a president and the wife of a vice president, died June 5 at a hospital in Alexandria, Va. He was 88. ... Short, intense and often irritable, he was once dubbed ‘the Mount Vesuvius of press secretaries’ for his outbursts, but he had a redeeming sense of humor and an appreciation of the theatricality of politics.” http://wapo.st/2rY5HUM
OUT AND ABOUT – The Competitive Enterprise Institute last night hosted their annual dinner, this time an Alice in Wonderland themed event titled “Through the Looking Glass” at the Marriott Marquis. Speakers included Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao and the Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Strassel. SPOTTED: Grover Norquist, Suhail Khan and Jana Plat, Tom Schatz, Fred Smith, Myron Ebell, Dwayne Carson, Francesca Chambers and Michael Moroney, and Byron Tau.
-- KENT KNUTSON, vice president of government relations for The Home Depot and board member of the Home Depot Foundation, celebrated his 50th birthday at Hotel Monaco’s Dirty Habit Wednesday night with friends and family, the Washington retail community and Members of Congress. SPOTTED: Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) and Jim Risch (R-Idaho), House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Reps. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.), Barbara Comstock (R-Va.), Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.), Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), Richard Hudson (R-N.C.), Adrian Smith (R-Neb.) and Bill Flores (R-Texas).
--CNN’s DANA BASH last night kicked off “Badass Women of Washington” at Fig & Olive with a panel with five of the seven women profiled in the series: Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel, Army Surgeon General Nadja West, Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.), and Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-Wash.). All five panelists discussed what their views about the series and answered the question, “can a woman have it all?” http://cnn.it/2sFNZmV … Picshttp://bit.ly/2rPpNhR ... http://bit.ly/2r50ScX ... http://bit.ly/2qZj4AM
SPOTTED: Virginia Moseley, Heather Podesta, Kellyanne Conway, Gloria Borger, Ana Navarro, Hilary Rosen, Bill Press, Nia Malika Henderson, Michael LaRosa, Lauren Pratapas, Kate Bennett, Nikki Schwab, Alexandra De Luca, Matt Dornic, Zeke Miller, Christina Ruffini, Francesca Chambers, Lauren Culbertson, Ashley Killough, Meredith Balenske, Dannia Hakki, Christine Delargy, Artur Orkisz, Marissa Mitrovich, Meredith Artley, Rachel Smolkin, Hadas Gold, Mitchell Rivard, Johanna Persing, Ryan Mahoney, Richard Hudock, Tara Palmeri, Michelle Jaconi.
-- After 8 years with Sen. Tom Udall (D-Colo.), friends and colleagues yesterday toasted Kevin Cummins’ move to the Professional Services Council at Romeo & Juliet Cafe on Capitol Hill. SPOTTED: Frannie Wellings, Joe Trahern, Kara Van Stralen, Scarlet Doyle, David Grossman, Michele Ash, Tom Manatos, Melika Carroll, Sunmin Kim, Lee Friedman, Dana Gray, Harry Anastopulos, Cort Bush and Joey Wender.
NEW HAMPSHIRE CELEBRATION in D.C. -- POOL REPORT from Haley Dorgan: “Last night, the Senate got a taste of New Hampshire. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) welcomed her colleagues to eat and drink New Hampshire’s finest products and get a taste of the Granite State’s cultural and tourism opportunities. Sens. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.), Chris Coons (D-Del.), Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), and Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Reps. Annie Kuster (D-N.H.) and Carol Shea-Porter (D-N.H.) were greeted by Kodak the Bear and Max the Moose at the Kennedy Caucus Room. Some of the most popular items? Smuttynose beer, Cider Bellies Doughnuts, Creamy New England Fish Chowdah from the New Hampshire Food Bank, and Granite State Tea Cakes made by culinary students from the New Hampshire Job Corps.” Other attendees included Ryan Williams, Byron Tao, Cate Martel, William Shaheen, and Jeff Rose.
SPOTTED yesterday evening at the U.S.-Colombia Business Partnership farewell cocktail party held on the ConocoPhillips rooftop for Ambassador of Colombia to the U.S. Juan Carlos Pinzon: Bill Burlew, Reps. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), Francis Rooney (R-Fla.), Henry Cuellar (D-Texas), and Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), Andrew Lundquist, Brian Donahue, Wes Battle and Josh Corless.
ENGAGED --Brian Parnitzke, director of turnout and targeting at the RNC, proposed this past weekend to Kate Karnes, chief of staff in the office of digital strategy at the White House and a former Romney 2012 staffer and RNC alum. The two met in 2013 when they were working on separate campaigns for lieutenant governor of Virginia. Brian popped the question on Folly Beach outside of Charleston, South Carolina, where he first told Kate he loved her. Pichttp://politi.co/2siczgf
TRANSITIONS – OBAMA ALUMNI -- Todd Breasseale, former Army Lt. Col. and spokesman at the DoD who became a DHS assistant secretary for public affairs during Secretary Jeh Johnson’s last two years in office, is now helping manage Facebook news feed communications. He reports to McCain ’08 alum Tucker Bounds. ... Christian Marrone has been promoted to SVP and chief of staff for IT firm CSRA. He joined CSRA in January 2016 after serving as chief of staff at DHS.
... Mattie Duppler is joining the National Taxpayers Union as a senior fellow of fiscal policy. He previously served as the coalitions director to the House Republican Conference and is an alum of Americans for Tax Reform. ... Greenberg Quinlan Rosner has hired Lindsey Reynolds as its new COO. She joins GQR this month after 10 years with the DNC, where she served as both COO and director of the office of the secretary.
... Shana Glenzer has started as chief marketing officer at Crowdskout, a data management startup based in D.C. She previously was the CMO of MakeOffices, an Arlington-based co-working space. http://bit.ly/2rEfzm7… End Citizens United has hired Matt Burgess as EVP. He previously was the senior political strategist at Planned Parenthood during the 2016 cycle. ... Clinton Blair is joining the Organization for International Investment as VP of public policy and government affairs. He previously was at Jaguar Land Rover North America.
SUNDAY SO FAR – “Fox News Sunday”: Panel: Karl Rove, Donna Edwards, Newt Gingrich, Charles Lane
FORMER REP. GABBY GIFFORDS (D-ARIZ.), whose birthday it is today, is headed to Galveston, Texas, where she will help the Navy commission the U.S.S. Gabrielle Giffords. It’s the first Navy warship to be named after a living woman since Martha Washington. She learned that the ship would be named in her honor the same day she resigned from Congress in 2012. Hillary Clinton, Joe and Jill Biden, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Olivia Munn, Jon Bon Jovi, Katie Couric, Sully Sullenberger and Thad Allen are all expected to attend. https://usat.ly/2r4lguY
BIRTHWEEK (was yesterday): Wendy Sherman, senior counselor at Albright Stonebridge Group
BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY: Russ Schriefer, partner at Strategic Partners & Media. How he’s celebrating: “I’m in London with my wife Nina Easton who is chairing the Fortune Most Powerful Women International Summit next week. Our daughter Ellie and I are just tagging along.” Read his Playbook Plus Q&A:http://politi.co/2rPcrSJ
BIRTHDAYS: Jonathan Collegio is 41 ... former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-Ariz.) is 47 (h/ts Hilary Rosen and Katie Peters) ... Paul Winfree, deputy director of the White House Domestic Policy Council and the pride of Williamsburg, Va. ... Jim Cicconi (h/t Hilary) ... Barbara Bush is 92 ... Eric Kuhn, CMO of Layer3 TV and a former DC resident who worked for CNN, is 3-0, celebrating at Lincoln Center in NYC (h/ts Maha Hakki and Susanna Quinn) ... Cory Fritz, a Boehner alum now deputy staff director for comms. at House Foreign Affairs, is 32 ... Rep. Ken Calvert (R-Calif.) is 64 ... Politico’s Laura Hayes and Sarah Hashemi ... Patrick Garrigan, Politico alum now events guru for The Atlantic ... “Meet The Press” associate producer Justin Peligri (h/t Olivia Petersen) ... Tim Grieve, VP for news at McClatchy (h/t John Harris) … Roger Hickey, co-director of Campaign for America’s Future ... Kelsey Harkness of the Daily Signal ... Mary Palmer is 31 ... J.J. Simmons V ... Ashley Baia of 270 Strategies ... Karen Robinson (h/t Jon Haber) ... USDA’s Allie Ryan ... Matt Whitlock ... Davis White … The Federalist’s Bre Payton ... J.D. Dalfonson, comms director for Rep. Darin LaHood ... John Sandy, COS for Sen. Jim Risch ... Bale Dalton, pride of Orlando and HSC85 U.S. Navy, is 30-something “and more handsome than ever” (h/t Christian Hertenstein) … Uber flack Matt Wing …
... Dasha Zhukova, friend of Ivanka and Jared, art collector and editor, married to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, is 36 (h/t Jewish Insider) ... Emily Pomeranz, the special events and major gifts maestro at NARAL (h/t James Owens) ... Hannah Yoest, assistant literary editor at Weekly Standard ... Erin Gorman, cookie baking aficionado currently at the Environmental Defense Fund, formerly “Mother Duckling” of the O’Malley campaign, and a campaign/DGA vet several times over, is 3-0. She will be feted by friends and family all weekend long in Baltimore (h/ts Matt Corridoni and Daniel Ensign) ... Chris Good … Cathie Ericson … Denton’s Alex McGee, the pride of Atlanta (h/t Ed Cash) ... Lale Mamaux, CoS to Rep. Alcee Hastings ... Jordana Cepelewicz ... Kris Coratti, VP of comms and events at WaPo … Avery Brooks, senior associate at Global Infrastructure Partners ... Ben Case is 25 ... Obama WH alum Keith Maley, also an ardent Red Sox fan and birdwatcher … Brian Hardwick ... Michael Shmagin (h/ts Teresa Vilmain) ... Ann Belser ... Nancy Baile, public affairs and comms. manager at Coca-Cola ... Rosie Lineham ... Jane Hampton Cook ... Tom Davidson is 46 ... Barry Lando ... Lila Young White ... actor-comedian Jerry Stiller is 9-0 ... Nancy Sinatra is 77 ... “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams is 6-0 ... Julianna Margulies, a loyal Playbooker, is 5-0 ... Kanye West is 4-0 ... Maria Menounos is 39 ... tennis player Kim Clijsters is 34 (h/ts AP)
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2013.09.18 21:16 tabledresser [Table] IAmA (we are) the creators of DICK FIGURES THE MOVIE... Ed Skudder & Zack Keller! Ask us anything!

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Date: 2013-09-18
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Questions Answers
If Stacy was a bitch in First day of Cool, why was she "normal" in Robot Frog? Haha this is an amazing question. She went through a rough patch until middle school then really started focusing on her grades to get into college. Med School really burned her out though so she reverted back to her childish self. Too many pixie sticks. And tequila. - Zack.
So I watched the movie last night. What a great looking film! Especially considering it's budget. You all are crazy talented! So I'm just curious, was the film drawn frame-by-frame? Or were you manipulating pre-built Flash "puppets"? Or a combo of both? The film was drawn for the most part frame-by-frame. Our animators are all very very talented people and all trained in old-school 2D animation (a little over-kill for stick figures, we know haha). But because of that they could really bring all their talent and skill into creating the movie, and I couldn't be more proud of the whole crew.
Will you be making another movie? Absolutely. We had the best time making "Dick Figures The Movie" and are definitely planning on making another. We're working on something new right now and it's super exciting. We'll announce it soon!
"Dick Figures 2: Harder and Longer - Coming soon!" Haha. Perfect.
Great Job on the film. My questions are for Zack. What voices, besides Blues, did you do in the film? Will there be hard copies of the movie available on DVD (my coworker Tom wants to know)? Lastly, can I touch your butt? ._. I did the voice of Trollz0r, Rick (the rickshaw driver that carries Red) and a bunch of other terrible voices. Yes, DVDs/BluRays on December 3rd on Amazon! You can pre-order it here!. And, yes. It looks like this: ((
Amazing stuff dudes, I've been watching the minisodes on youtube and the fighting animation is top notch. So what's the plan after this achievement? MORE MOVIES. We love making shorts for YouTube and will continue to do so, but the ability to tell longer stories is really where our hearts lay. We've got a new project coming up that we can't talk about just yet but we'll announce it soon. You can also check Remochoso.com or the DF facebook page to see what we're up to.
I wonder what your parents think about your work. Do they actually know the series, and do they think it's hilarious, or are you a bit of a tabu-topic in that regard? "Yes mom, I did draw that... No mom, I did not want to make you or jesus cry." Both of our parents have watched the series and movie. Our parents are the nicest, most normal people ever, so we feel so bad that they have to tell their friends that "our son works on this show called "Dick Figures" " Everyone thinks it's porn when they first hear about it ;_; but now that we're #16 on iTunes hopefully people are seeing that it is NOT porn. Kinda.
Haha, well I'm sure they're still proud as fuck. I don't know you guys, and I'm even proud of you. :')
Whatever happened to that show Suck Tower? That was pretty good. And Ed and Lynn, you guys did voices/animation for it, right? Not Chad, one of the creators of Suck Tower. OH man, SUCK TOWER] ([Link to www.youtube.com was easily one of the greatest pilots ever to go up on Mondo! Yes, me and LYNN WANG] ([Link to lynnvwang.tumblr.com) did the designs and animation and the guys who created it, AARON WALTKE] ([Link to twitter.com) KYLE McVEY] ([Link to twitter.com and CHAD QUANDT] ([Link to twitter.com are the best humans on the planet at the time of writing this response. Oh, wait... THE Chad Quandt] ([Link to www.youtube.com) as in the voice of CHAD-COP on Dick Figures?] ([Link to www.youtube.com WHY YES INDEED!
Anything eh, Can I have a signed t-shirt then? Also, looking forward to watching the movie, think I may buy tonight :) Sweet, thank you! My brother sells autographed albums for the soundtrack here: Nick Keller Music but send us a private message on twitter @edskudder / @zfkeller and we'll try to get you something signed! - Zack.
Hello guys. Obviously, I love the film ;-0. Question for Ed: you did the voice of the japanese girl, right? (no real spoilers, I hope.) Were you actually saying anything? If so, what were you saying, and what inspired you those clips? Hands down the best scene in the movie. - From the airport. Hello to you in the airport! Yes, sadly, that was me doing the very worst impression of a Japanese school girl in human history. I get so embarrassed doing that voice and Zack laughs his ass off the whole time I suffer through it. She is giving Red and Blue directions to their next stop on the quest, but we really just wanted to write in a Japanese school girl into the Japan sequence (I mean you gotta, right?) and the rest just kinda flowed out as we wrote it. Glad you liked it though haha. Travel safe!!
To both of you guys: Who is your favorite voice to act out? Why? Also, how much of Red and Blue reflect your personalities? Thank you, we're both always so glad to hear anyone enjoying it! I think my favorite character to voice act is actually a new character that we added in the movie, Captain Crookygrin (you can see him in the trailers). I won't spoil anything for those who haven't seen him yet, but doing his lines was a total blast hahaha. I have lots of English heritage so it was very cathartic. Blue is pretty much my normal voice so it's the easiest one to act out, but the most fun is Trollz0r because I hate doing it and Ed loves watching me suffer. And yes, Red and Blue are very much based on our personalities, but increased times infinity. - Zack.
What's next for you now that the movie is released? Are there any projects you're planning to work on in the near future that doesn't necessarily involve Dick Figures? Love your work and the movie's great! Thank you! We had a blast making the movie. There's definitely more Dick Figures to come, but Ed and I are also working on a new animated project through our company REMOCHOSO. We will be announcing more on this soon.
Whose idea were dick figures ? I had always loved stick figures since my days on Newgrounds - they were some of the first little characters I ever animated. So when Six Point Harness offered the chance to create a show I thought it would be awesome to do a show with stick figures as the characters. I animated a little minute and a half test (which we actually showed on Mondo Link to www.youtube.com ) and it got the show picked up! However since then Zack and I have fleshed the world and characters out so much further than the original idea. So while I came up with it to start, it's really been the two of us developing the idea over the last 3 years together!
Good bye hello what was the most hardest part of making the movie? -greetings from iceland :D. Hello Iceland! The hardest part was definitely just the amount of data and files and animation to keep track of. The webseries episodes never got longer than 3 minutes so they were never that tricky to deal with, but with 73 minutes and more animators and special effects and compositing and everything we had a ton of new things to keep track of and pull together. Our producer Nick Butera did a phenomenal job of keeping us all on track and on time, and coffee did a phenomenal job of keeping us awake haha.
Hey Ed and Zack, can my friends and I translate Dick Figures episode and the movie into Hebrew? Israel has lots of DF fans, so why not give them Dick Figures in Hebrew!? Please give us permission? :-) Absolutely!! We have many fans and friends around the world translating the episodes into the languages they want to hear it in, so by all means! Thanks for spreading the DF love and send us a link so we can check out your translation when it's done!!!
Rented and loved the movie! What's next? Thanks for renting it! So glad you liked it! Well, 7 more episodes of DF Season 5 coming soon and lots more Red & Blue in the future. Also, Ed and I are working on a super-secret project that we'll be announcing when we can. If you like Dick Figures, you'll like this too. We promise. - Zack.
Hey guys! Before I ask my question I just want to say thank you for all the hard work you guys do to provide us us qulity entertainment. Dick Figures is awesome! I got two questions. Thanks so much!! We love making content for you and everyone more than anything and your support means a ton to us.
Will Sarah Connor from Terminate-Her ever make a comeback? And in regards to Sarah Connor... only time will tell DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN!!
Will Dogsnack ever make a comeback? Dogsnack is napping for now but Lynn and I are talking about releasing a music video soon! I wrote a full-length version of the DANCESNACK song] ([Link to soundcloud.com and we want to set it to a sweet video and put it out! Not sure when it will be, but stay tuned!!!
Great movie guys! Even though I watched it on my phone I still got sucked right into that movie. The music was great too. Have any of your older family members seen it? If so what were their reactions to it? Thank you! So glad you liked it. Our parents watched the movie and are incredibly proud... because they have to be. We're so appreciative of our parents for supporting our choice of careers and making a show called "Dick Figures"
Great movie! What are your future plans for the Dick Figures Series? Thank you! We're so glad the fans can finally see the movie they helped make! The rest of Season 5 of Dick Figures is coming out after the 12 chapters of DFTM and then who knows... a game mebbe? - Zack.
ED AND ZACK!! Question! With the movie released and everything taken care of, with exception of backer rewards, what are your feeling on keeping everyone informed? I noticed that very often on the DF facebook page or the youtube comments section it seemed like everyone who was interested in the movie had ZERO clue. Do you find yourself pulling your hair out or having an Indiana Jones face melting aneurism from a lot of the dis/mis information? Hello!! Yes haha it is a bit of a struggle to keep the right information out in front of everyone, but we also know that there is such a huge amount of stuff going on and a lot of people checking in online at different times, so lots of info gets lost in the shuffle. We don't mind reminding everybody though, it's actually really really cool to be able to interact so much with what we consider to be the greatest and most awesome fans of all time!
Some critics have attacked Dick Figures The Movie for straying too far from the beloved novel Push by Sapphire. How do you defend your choice to take this many liberties with such a timeless and classic piece of literature? As Hemingway said, "Write drunk, make Dick Figures drunker." We wanted to explore the pathos of humanity vis-a-vis colored stick-like figurines.
The making of this movie must have been tiring, isn't it? Also, how did you import those explosions into flash, or edited it using after effect? If imported, then how did you manage to import it with such a quality? The work of the whole staff is really appriciated, by the way. Haha yeah we're a little sleepy after a year of hard work, but definitely in a good way. We work so hard on this stuff because we love it so much.
And yes, we actually import any extra elements like that into After Effects and composite all our footage from Flash in there before sending it to Final Cut were we piece it all together. Thanks so much for watching and supporting the movie!
We are so, so tired. We import explosions into After Effects and composite them over the Flash animation. We use PNG sequences.
Hey guys! Are you guys going to personally take on a new project? Is there something you are just not telling us about? WELL TELL US YOU DICKS! Yes. Something new coming soon. Can't talk about it yet. Top secret...
Not sure if it was asked before, but, the movie is going to affect the series? Season 5 has a super awesome episode coming up that directly relates to the movie. Make sure you watch the movie first!
Btw, I love you guys!!! Big fan from Israel! <3 - Dani. Hey Dani! Thanks, we really appreciate the support and DF love!! The movie will only affect the series in that we're pausing Season 5 to release the chapters for free. But once the movie's all released in a month or two more we've got the rest of the season all lined up and ready to go. There'll be so much Dick Figures this year!
I loved the movie, you guys did a great job! Do you guys have ideas for possibly another big feature? Yeah we actually have a bunch of big plans and cool new ideas coming up around the corner that we're both really really excited about. We'll be able to tell the world more about the future soon, but for now we're both just crazy excited about DFTM and its release and our ability to finally sleep now hahah.
Zack! Question! I was watching the credits and I noticed you had your brother do your voice for the roof top scene. Was there any reason you did it that way? Or just for funzies? Haha, wow, GREAT catch. Well, my normal voice sounds too much like Blue so it sounded weird. Thankfully, my brother sounds just enough like me to play me better than I could! Weird, huh? - Zack.
Did any fan stopped any one of you at a public place to ask signature? Any funny stories with some fan? The only time either of us have ever been stopped has only been at cons and talks... really just placed we both have already told people that we'll be. We keep a pretty low profile haha. Also we only travel outside in sunglasses and fake beards... ...Because the sun burns our skin.
Just got home and now staring to download the movie! So here my question, is there anyone you would love to hire to be in season 6? ;) We want to get Olivia Munn to do a voice!
Is the movie coming out on youtube?? YES! The first two chapters are out now actually, and we will be releasing a new one every Tuesday! CHAPTER 1] ([Link to www.youtube.com CHAPTER 2] ([Link to www.youtube.com)
Are red and blue character that reflect you guys so yhea, who is who? and no how did you come up with red and blue? Yep, they're very much like Ed (Red) and Zack (Blue). The show is based on our friendship and all the weird things we're thinking about.
PLEASE HELP!, my download link from yekra must be broken, when ever i download it and unzip the file only the remochoso logo plays, along with the mondo one, after that the vid stops, as i unzip the file, it tells me that it's broken please help me i don't know what to do??? PM me on twitter @zfkeller and I'll investigate.
How are all the episode's quality so freaking good??? Thank you for thinking that! Ed and I just have a ton of fun making them so we're glad that a lot of that shows up on the screen. Also, fart jokes are the universal language.
Hey guys, great work with the series :) I was wondering what your favourite webseries is (not including Dick Figures obviously...), and why? Did it inspire you to create your own, or influence Dick Figures in any way, or is it just something you really fucking love? Cheers :) I love your username. Ed and I really like Baman Piderman, Game Program Attack, and everything made by Cyanide & Happiness, TomSka and Egoraptor. All of those guys and gals are amazing. - Zack.
How many seasons will Dick Figures have? I mean, when will the show end? Not that I want it to end. I'm a huge Dick Figures fan! :D. A show about nothing can go on forever. As long as we've got funny things for Red & Blue to say it will be on YouTube.
i just want to say, Dick Figures is the best animated webseries i ever watch in my entire life ! But my question is have you ever think of making a TV series of Dick Figures ??? (Sorry for my poor english i'm from Québec, Canada) i just bought the movie and i can't wait to see it. Bonjour Québec!!! Thanks so much for purchasing the film, Zack and I appreciate it so much and we're very happy to hear you enjoy the series too. We've thought about doing a TV show and had a couple meetings about it over the years, but we have both always loved films the most so we thought we'd try a movie first! And it was a blast so I'm really glad we did, but who knows what the future might hold! Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy the movie!!!
Why are you so awesome? :D. Because of all you guys! :)
How is working with Mondo? I've heard mixed things from content creators on YouTube with working for channels that stream other peoples' work. Mondo Media is a great company to work with. They've been incredibly supportive from the very beginning. Dick Figures would not have existed without them. Distributing content on YouTube is difficult because it's expensive to make animation, but we don't earn very much money from the views so it's tricky business. Mondo is doing amazing, ground-breaking work, especially with the release of this film, and we're so happy to be partnered with them.
I watched the movie today, and it's really awesome !! I think this movie will be cult in some time !! I have two questions : when we have access to the soundtrack ? And, the second question is less futile. Why is the raccoon it smaller at the beginning when he is already old ? I am pretty kidding ^ Thanks so much!!! We're really glad to hear you liked it, and thanks for the support! The soundtrack is actually out now!!! You can get it on iTunes] ([Link to itunes.apple.com) Amazon] ([Link to www.amazon.com) and it's on Spotify too. And if you like it definitely check out our amazing composer Nick Keller and his personal music] ([Link to soundcloud.com...it') AWESOME!!!
Also about the Raccoon... shhh shh shh shhh we are terrible writers shhh...
How difficult was it transitioning from making episodes that were rarely over four or so minutes long to making a full-length movie? Our pleasure! We love talking to everyone about DF! It was not so difficult in terms of the story, the real challenge was more technical. Zack and I knew pretty quickly what we wanted the main theme of the movie to be and the rest of it was really just us listing all the sweet stuff we'd always wanted to see in a movie haha. The hard part was just managing and keeping track of all the tons and tons of new files and animation and people needed to construct the thing. But the transition felt good, Zack and I were both just waiting for the day we could finally make a feature film and we couldn't ask for a more fun and exciting way to start off!
I am only slightly aware of this series, but why did you call it dick figures? I could not detect any dicks. It is about stick FIGURES who are DICKS to each other. It was the best we could do ;_;
The only dicks in it are our two asshole main characters Red and Blue. We actually couldn't even think of a title for it for a looong time. Zack and I even put up a sheet in our animation studio and asked the other employees to write their ideas. We got some great ones but none that really stuck. Then finally one day, our producer Andy Fiedler walked by and jokingly said, "You guys should just call it Dick Figures." Zack and I just looked at eachother and knew... he had fucking nailed it!!! The rest is history haha...
Hey Guys! Well this question is for Zack Keller (Fuckin Awesome Tracks!) Well, i order the Movie Soundtrack, and i'm from Mexico (Yeah, a Mexican see your amazing movie! :D) so, did you know in how much time can i get it? Hey, thanks, but actually my brother, Nick Keller, is the composer! You can check out more of his music here: www.nickkellermusic.com! He's mailing out the autographed albums right now, or you can buy it on itunes here: Link to itunes.apple.com ALSO! He's releasing his first, original album soon. Check his site for samples. It's really badass stuff.
Great job guys. My friend and I have loved watching your videos since Panda Hat. You fucking rock! How do you get noticed for voice acting? Thanks so much!! We appreciate you watching for so long and for enjoying the show! From what we know, the best thing you can do to get noticed for voice acting is to just do tons of it! And also team up with other creators and spread your talent around. The more you can appear in a bunch of different projects the more reach your work will have. Collaboration FTW!
I love the work you guys do, and i love how you guys have made stick figures into something epic. I am currently studying web graphic design and animation, and my question to the both of you is, how do you keep your imagination and creativity for this going? what inspires you to make an episode? Hey! Thanks so much, we really really appreciate it!! I think for us we both just try to keep taking in the world and nurturing the things that inspire us the most, whether it's movies, music, art, work our friends have done or that which we see online, news articles, new discoveries... anything and everything kinda keeps our creative fuel going so it's just important to know what makes you work best and just keep at it! Good luck in your studies and thanks so much for the support!
1) What are the plans after the Season 5 on Youtube? 2) And would it be possible to make the future episodes ONLY from taking suggestions from the community itself? Again, thank you for an AMAZING show and to both of you - stay AWESOME!! Best wishes from Lithuania :) Cheers back to you Lithuania!! :) Thanks for the kind words, we're so happy you enjoy the show and we hope you like the movie! After this one we have many many more planned and a lot of cool new things coming soon, so stay tuned! Zack and I want to keep making sweet stuff for you guys as long as we can haha! And definitely - we've heard so many awesome and hilarious ideas come from fans, I think in suggestions alone the fans could have written the sequel to the movie and then some!
I got a question.. I live in germany and I want to buy Dick figures from Amazon.COM (english site).. When I go on buy it says that it gets released on 3.december 2013.. shouldnt it be something like september? The German version should be on iTunes very, very soon. Until then, international fans please check this site to see where you can buy the movie in your country: Link to mondomedia.com
What references were used in the hapan scenes? Mainly when they arrive and such, theres a ton of different documentary references its kinda hard to name them all. So so many. Pokemon. Dragonball. Sonic the Hedgehog. Metal Gear Solid. Godzilla. We'll have our artist who animated that scene answer this question.
Hey sup? Big thanks from germany the Movie was Awsome i think dick figurs is one of the funniest things i ever watched my question is the Movie going to be in german ? Yes. It is on the Germondo channel. Also! We're going to release it on iTunes, Amazon and all the other stores ASAP! It's been submitted to them. The German dub is AWESOME.
So, will any of the new characters from the movie show up in the youtube series? BTW, absolutely loved the movie; 'twas worth every cent! Thank you! And yes, some characters will definitely show up in Season 5 of Dick Figures. We love Crookygrin.
I can't wait to see the movie, but I'm wondering, will it be released for purchase to everyone soon (Belgium:D)? I really want to buy it, not rent. Link to www.mondomedia.com Check that link. But yes, it will be available everywhere very soon.
How did you make the 3D vehicles and buildings still look hand-drawn? And how come the vehicles are animated on two's? EDIT: P.S. Great movie! Good question. We had our 3D animator, Joel Moser, create the cars out of simple, flat geometry in Cinema4D, but the trick was creating the edge lines to look super sloppy as if it were hand-drawn. The whole sequence was rendered in 3D and then we hand-animated the characters in 2D over the top! The 3D is rendered on 2s to match the 2D animation.
Do you guys prefer the creation process of the movie or the voice acting? Both are a ton of fun, and voice acting is a great chance to just goof around and be a weirdo, but I really love crafting a project with such talented people together and seeing it really become a finished product. It's often a ton of work but getting it done and being able to show it to the world is worth it every every every time. :)
Since when you guys wanted to make this movie from the begining or later when it got popular? Ed and I have always wanted to make movies since we were kids. We went to USC to study Film Production as well, but just happened to get our careers started online with short-format. All the fans had been asking for a Dick Figures movie, and we wanted to make one, so it only made sense to do a Kickstarter to make it happen!
When will there be an actual panda on the show? We're trying to get the humane society to let us film one on a greenscreen but they keep denying our applications on the basis of, "We cannot in good conscience allow you to strap an endangered species to '500 bottle rocketz adn try n blast it to dteh moon.' Please stop writing to us." ... we'll wear em down eventually. ;)
AMAZING movie and I have loved watching you guys all along. So glad to hear the fun isn't ending and just beginning. Will the movie have subtitles? I really appreciate the episodes that do have them being hearing impaired and making sure I don't want to miss a single swear word! Thank you so much. The movie will DEFINITELY be subtitled wherever available. And the DVD is gonna have a ton of other cool bonus stuff too! This is only the beginning for DF.
What happened? the pilot of dick figures is so different from what it has become now (for the better) We got better at drawing stick figures.
You guys are awesome, and the movie is just as awesome (probably the best movie i have brought ever ) i was wondering are any of the character in dick figures based on anyone if so who? - ethan from the uk :) Thank you thank you thank you! And hello from Los Angeles. All the characters in DF are based on our friends in one way or another (dunno if that's good or bad) and especially on Ed and I.
What was your inspiration for Red to be such a bad-ass and kind of an asshole, and are any of the characters based on anyone in particular? Most of the characters in Dick Figures are actually based loosely on people that we have known in real life. Red & Blue are pretty much hyper-exaggerated versions of Ed & Zack haha.
Thank you guys for doing the AMA and congratulations on the film! Do Red and Blue reflect how you guys are like in real life or are they just completely fictional? They are very much like Ed and I. Red, voiced by Ed, even has two letters of his name in it! Much of the shows is based on what we're thinking about at the time.
Amazing movie you guys put together! What did you guys spend the most money on fr producing the movie? Thank you! Glad you liked it. The majority of the money was spent on animation. We drew over 100,000 frames for the movie and that takes a long, long time.
Can I...hug you guys? :I I want to hug you because you guys are the best! -Greetings from Mexico! :D. Hola Mexico! We're nearby in LA but still a little too far for a hug's reach. INTERNET HUG!!! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ.
When will we see a spinoff for Officer Chad Cop? It can't come soon enough!
Dear Ed and Zack, will I receive the movie in my email anytime soon!? Kickstarter or Paypal? Either way, yes, you should have gotten it. Please pm us and we'll look into it.
Any chance at another movie or at least maybe a 20 minute epicsode? We definitely have more movies planned and we're excited to tell the world more about them soon!
Have you guys thought about maybe doing a presentation on making a Kickstarter funded film and setting up a booth at the CTN Animation Expo in Burbank this November? We would love to tell the world more about our Kickstarter experiences and hopefully help more awesome indie projects get off the ground.
I go every year (for anyone who's wondering... IT'S A BLAST!!) and would LOVE to see you do something... just saying ;-) Zack and I haven't planned a booth, HOWEVER... Lynn Wang (co-creator of Dogsnack] ([Link to www.youtube.com with me and one of our main animators and storyboard artists on DF) and I are going to be there with a booth!! We are sharing a table with Andrea Fernandez] ([Link to drawdoll.tumblr.com) and Trevor Spencer] ([Link to trevorwspencer.tumblr.com) who are both incredibly talented and good friends of ours. You can check out their work at Alkemy Studio] ([Link to alkemystudio.com) Come find us in November!!!
I'll be there! I'll stop by and show you all my portfolio! That would be super awesome!!! -Ed.
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